123 Café announces second location in Paintsville

The site of the future 123 Café is currently under construction, with a tentative opening date in September, but the owners are already saying they see excitement about it on social media.

Paintsville’s recent growth is continuing, with the announcement of the new 1-2-3 Café by Peking. Work is already underway.

The restaurant, from partners P. D. Pelphrey and Andy Lin, will be similar to the 1-2-3 Café in Pikeville, though Pelphrey said the offerings will be slightly different, given the space constraints at their location on Ky. 321 near Value-Med Pharmacy. However, he said, the things people love about the Pikeville location will be on offer here.

According to Pelphrey, that includes hibachi, sushi, bubble tea, smoothies, noodle soup and much more.

“We’ve seen a lot of interest on Facebook already,” Pelphrey said. “It’ll be something different for Paintsville.”

The push to add a second location, and the choice to come to Paintsville, he said, were decisions driven by customers expressing the demand for it.

The café should not compete directly with the Peking on South Mayo Trail, Pelphrey said, which has a full Chinese buffet and carryout but in a more dine-in atmosphere. The café, he said, will instead have many different types of Asian cuisine on offer, especially for lunch patrons in a hurry.

“Fresh food that’s fast. That’s what we want to be about,” Pelphrey said.

Work is ongoing inside the building to renovate and redecorate, Pelphrey added, with an anticipated opening slated for around September.

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