ATV Trail meeting held between Johnson, Martin counties

After a meeting at the Big Sandy Regional Airport on Monday, July 19, representatives from Johnson and Martin counties met to discuss a partnership and cooperation in preparation for upcoming ATV trails being planned and surveyed in the county line area between the two counties. Left to right (back row): Jordan Wheeler, Martin County Emergency Management, Colby Kirk, Martin County Deputy Judge Executive, Mark Blackburn, Martin County Magistrate, Zach Callaham, Martin County Judge-Executive Vic Slone, Darren and Savannah Ward, owners of One Stop UTV Shop at Staffordsville and the latter of which is the Paintsville/Johnson County Trail Town Committee ATV Co-Chairperson, Richard Delong, Richard Music of Boons Camp, PJC Trail Town ATV Co-Chairman Dustin Music, Paul Pack of Boons Camp, Gary Wayne Cox, operator of Big Sandy Airport and multi-county trail guide entrepreneur. Front row are Savannah Ward, Lara Pack who is PJC Trail Town catalyst and Johnson County representative to the Kentucky Mountain Regional Recreation Authority and PJC Trail Town Volunteer Chairperson Catherine Castle.