Adele - Hometown Glory

In the days when the now-superstar songstress Adele was just a teenage girl from London, she was having an argument with her mother about if she should go to university. As a way of proving her talents, the musical prodigy went upstairs to her bedroom and wrote 'Hometown Glory' in 10 minutes as an ode to her love for London. She said: "It's called 'Hometown Glory' and it was all about how I felt about London and stuff like that. I actually wrote it on guitar, and I was at school at the time. I actually find this song really emotional now because since so much has happened since I wrote it, and it's been like 11 years since I wrote it. So my whole career has happened, and it's one of my favorites still, to this day." The song was eventually released as her debut single in October 2007 and appeared on her smash hit album '19', which hit #1 in her home country and reached #4 in the US.