The Johnson County Health Department is extending to the community pertinent Coronavirus (COVID-19) information for those interested or concerned about how they best can avoid the virus.

Julie Bush of the Health Department, said Tuesday officials here are keeping up with the information being provided to them, especially by the office of Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear, and monitoring the situation closely.

“We’re keeping up with the updates that are coming out of the Kentucky Department for Public Health at the state level, and what the governor is saying during his daily updates,” Bush said “We’re keeping up with that guidance every day and trying to put out the same messaging.”

Bush said the county still has not had a positive case as of midday Tuesday.

“There are still no positive cases in Johnson County as of today,” Bush said. “That could change tomorrow, but as of now there aren’t. For now, we’re trying to mitigate, which is to keep the virus from spreading if it does come here, and we’re going ahead and putting those steps in place and put that messaging out there.

“We’re directing people who have concerns to contact the state’s COVID-19 Hotline at 1-(800) 722-5725, and we’re also directing them to the website that the Department for Public Health has setup at,” she said.

A statement from the department said officials are also in contact with local hospitals and health providers and are trying to ensure appropriate screenings in accordance with state guidelines.

“We want to make sure that everyone who needs a test will get it, but there is still a limited number of tests available and we must be diligent to make the best use of the resources we have,” the statement said. “Please be assured we will do everything we can to protect the health of our community.”

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