The Johnson County Health Department announced five new cases of COVID-19 on Aug. 10. The new cases included a 58-year-old female, a 37-year-old male, a 32-year-old male, a 54-year-old male and a 49-year-old female, all of whom were symptomatic. According to a statement released by JCHD, this brings the count to 74 total cases, with 29 recovered and 45 active.

The statement concluded noting that six individuals in the community are currently in the hospital due to the virus.

Mary Beth Castle, with JCHD, said the health department is asking people to take the guidelines that have been put in place seriously.

"First of all, we are stressing that we are working hard and doing our best to try and keep everyone safe in Johnson County and Paintsville. Our main concern right now is that we really want people to take the quarantine that we are asking them to do,” she said. For example, if we have 40 active cases and if each of them have three direct contacts, that 120 people that we're actually asking to quarantine.

"We have a lot of people that we are calling and contacting daily and that seems to be our biggest issue right now — asking people to take the quarantine seriously,” she continued.

The health department, she said, is staying in touch regularly with active cases and their contacts.

"The nurses and myself are touching base every single day with our active cases as well as our direct contacts and asking them if there is anything we can do for them,” she said. “Do we need to pick up meds for them? Do we need to grocery shop for them? Anything we can do to keep them quarantined we are trying to do now and we are stressing that if they've been asked to be quarantined to please stay in quarantine for us until their date is up."

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