If you have a hair stylist who is patient, kind and flexible with an inflexible customer as I often am, you’re a lucky person indeed.  I say this because Lora, my stylist at Unique Boutique, is the most accommodating young lady who tolerates my erratic schedule even though it often doesn’t coincide with hers.

It’s always a pleasant experience when I get my hair coifed because all the stylists are up-beat and attentive to our individual needs while listening to our chatter which is often times inane and boring.

Our topics at the hair salon are as varied as our personalities as we discuss everything from politics to recipes.  Last week was no exception when one of the customers came in talking about candle scents.

“My favorite is hot maple toddy,” I announced.

“Oh, I like that one, too,” Lora agreed.

“Well, I don’t like that,” one customer offered.

“I like food smells, don’t you?” I asked.

“Not so much,” she replied.

“I can’t stand floral scents,” I stated.  “It bothers my allergies.”

“I don’t like those either,” she agreed.

“Well, if you don’t like food or floral scents, which ones do you like?  Sand or laundry?”  I queried.

“Sand!” she laughed.  “Does sand have an odor?”

“I don’t know, I assume it might be a musty smell though,” I grinned.

“Oh, I hate ‘musk’,” she intoned.

I was mulling that one over in my mind when I thought I heard the customer say to another lady that she liked the smell of ‘game”

“What does ‘’game” smell like?” I gagged.  “Like deer or wild turkey’?”

The lady raised her eyebrows and repeated, “I said ‘Gain’ like the detergent.”

I was totally embarrassed.  Not only do I have a visual impairment, I’m obviously having serious difficulty hearing, too.  Immediately everybody started laughing.

“Nothing I like better than the scent of squirrel early in the morning,” another customer blurted out.

We could have gone on forever, but since it was Friday evening and my ‘head’ was the next to last person ‘s head Lora had to work on before going home to two active kids and a hungry husband, Ronnie arrived just in the nick of time to take me away.

You just never know what a bunch of women who have been exposed for years to aluminum foil and peroxide will say when they’re cooped up together for an hour.

Have a great week and don’t forget to Smile Awhile!

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