Anyone who knows us are aware that Ronnie and I are avid, over-the-top animal lovers.  In the 19 years we have been married we have raised five of the sweetest dogs you would ever want to let lick your face.  They liked other dogs and they were never mean to humans either.  At the present time we are animal-less due to my health issues because we are often out-of-town for doctor appointments.  However, we continue to love our family and our friend’s animals as our own.

A good example of the dogs we love belong to two of our best friends.  Their two dogs are spoiled, and by spoiled I mean these dogs refuse to eat food from a bowl or a plate - their Mama feeds them by hand.  I used to feed mine with a spoon but these dogs are hand-fed.

When our friends bought new living room chairs the dogs were so offended they refused to sit on their owner’s laps if the owners were seated.  It finally came to them having to return the old chairs to their former positions before the dogs would climb back into their laps.

These two cuties also never see a stranger and cohabit with cats and many other dogs that visit their house on a regular basis.

And if you didn’t know the gender of the dogs you’d know by bedtime that they were female because they look lovingly at their Poppa precisely at 9 p.m. to let him know they are ready for him to get into bed.

The girls are siblings and the only time they get out-of-sorts with one another is when one of them misplaces their chewy treat and suspects the other one of hiding it.  Then the growling begins.  They keep up this cycle of snarling their lips while trying to look vicious for at least an hour until one finally jumps the other and then it’s over.

Although the girls are seven years old they act like puppies.  They are so active and feisty you can’t help but pick them up and cuddle them.

I am not going to “out” their parents’ names because they wouldn’t want others to know how they let their pets control all aspects of their lives.  Both of them are professionals and I wouldn’t want to diminish their standing in the community, but they do speak “baby talk” to the canines and the felines.

If you ever happen to visit these fine people just remember, if they treat you like a dog that will be a compliment.

Have a great week and don’t forget to Smile Awhile!

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