PIKEVILLE — MTV has released a statement about a project that is currently being filmed in Pike County. 

A “docuseries,” which is currently being called “Made in Kentucky,” caused a stir in the Elkhorn City community last month when the production company allegedly attempted to utilize an Elkhorn resident’s garbage bin as a “hot tub.” Members of the production team came to a special called Elkhorn City council meeting to address some “concerns” being voiced about the show. 

“This show is a little bit different than a lot of the shows,” said one of the production members. “They’re trying to branch out and get a little bit inclusive for different regions.”

She said the show was not meant to take the form of shows such as Jersey Shore and Buckwild — a show filmed in West Virginia that ended when one of its cast members died in 2013.

Elkhorn City council members said they were “uncomfortable” with the narrative which the show might attempt to share about the area.

“No. You’re not going to do that. You’re not going to make us look like idiots in Elkhorn City,” said Taylor. “That’s not going to work.”

The production members said they would return to the council with plans, at a later date, if the crew decided to film in the city. At the most recent Elkhorn City council meeting, Taylor said he had not heard back from the representatives.

Last week, MTV got the “green light” for four new shows which they said will air during a Thursday night block. One of those is “Made in Kentucky.” The network shared a statement about the show, including a plot synopsis.

“‘Made in Kentucky’ is a new docuseries that follows a rowdy group of friends in gorgeous Pike County, Kentucky, deep in Appalachian coal country. This diverse gang bucks all convention and makes their own fun through country shenanigans and wild behavior,” the statement said. “From hillbilly jet skiing and ‘Rock Bouncing’ to river-slides, lawnmower jousting and making ‘hot tub pickups’ out of their trucks, there’s never a dull moment when these friends come together.”

According to the statement, love and friendship play a role in the narrative, but the show will focus on where the friends will find themselves in the future.

“While the recent national focus on coal has revived hope in this once-thriving coal town, the group still questions what comes next,” the statement said. “Stay in the picturesque home they’ve loved forever, or chase opportunities outside of coal country?” 

According to the statement, the show is expected to air in July.

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