The title is not original with me. That is what somebody posted on my timeline yesterday. He/she was obviously unhappy because it was snowing big flakes and looking very unlike April. Of course it looks funny to see the flowers blooming and the leaves out on the trees and snow flying everywhere. I was grateful that the snow melted as fast as it hit the ground, but some places farther north are having snow piled up two feet high. In April!

Some of the jokes are that Mother Nature is annoyed because Father Time refused to stop and ask directions to Summer. Yesterday was my mother’s birthday. She was born in 1891, 128 years ago. I do not ever remember it snowing on my mother’s birthday. She used to quote a Bible verse (that I have never read) that said in the end times we “couldn’t tell winter from summer except for the putting forth of the leaves.” I don’t know if that is Holy Writ or “chimney corner scripture,” but it surely looks funny to see snow piling up on fully grown green leaves.

Our Senior Citizens’ Community is about to undergo another change of hands. It seems that the facility that has about four hundred residents (including the Personal Care facility across the way) is owned by a group of lawyers. When I moved here from the Atria Stonybrook in 2013, it was Horizon Bay. When it was built, the name had been “Eden Spring.”

About three or four years ago, a new group was hired to manage it, and we became ”Brookdale Blankenbaker.” After a disastrous frozen pipes that destroyed the kitchen and ding room and everything had to be replaced, the powers that be have decided to let another group manage the facility, and we will now be known as  “Atria Blankenbaker.” We will keep our present staff including the new director, Mr. Mark Witt, that has impressed all of us with his quiet efficiency.

Last evening I was stopped in the hall by a new lady staff member. “Is your name Nancy?” she asked. “My name is June, “ I answered, wondering why she had asked.  She continued, “Did you ever live at Atria Stonybrook?” I told her I had lived there two years when I first came to Louisville in 2010.

She looked relieved. “I knew I had seen you somewhere,” she said. “You look like you did then. I knew I had seen you somewhere. I am Monica, and I was there when you were.”

I said,” I have been telling everybody who is worried about the new management that I was happy at the Atria. I just needed to be in Independent Living instead of Assisted Living.

I was delighted that Monica had remembered me after five years, and told her that I was glad she is on board as Atria assumes management of this residence.

Next week’s column will be from a different named place, but I won’t have to pack up and move. I will be posting from the Atria Blankenbaker! Easiest move I have ever made!

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