I was married June 17, 1950, to a World War II veteran who was stationed on the Pacific Island of Tinian, the base where and when the Enola Gay bomber dropped the two atom bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, thereby ending World War II. Harold finished his education at Western Kentucky State Teachers College (now WKU) found a Western Kentucky girl who though he was wonderful.  On June 25, 1950, we were having breakfast in the furnished apartment he had rented in Paintsville before we married, and listening to a little radio someone had given me when I graduated college.

Suddenly we heard that North Korea had invaded South Korea and the United Nations was helping South Korea, and China was on the side of North Korea! I remember looking at Harold and he looked back. “Here we go again,” our eyes communicated.  And some of my students I had taught in Waterman, Ill., the previous year and many of the senior boys I would teach in Paintsville the coming year would be involved in what was known as the “Korean Conflict.”  It had all the earmarks of a war, but we just didn’t want to call it that.

The shooting stopped in 1953, but the Korean Peninsula and the country of Korea has been divided ever since.

Capitalist South Korea has boomed. They have some of the biggest Christian churches in the world there; their economy is booming; they produce many goods that we buy and enjoy. Socialist North Korea has a dictatorship and an excellent military, while the state owns all the land and manufacturing. Many of the North Koreans live on starvation wages. Yet the ruler, Kim Kim Jong Un has been determined to produce nuclear weapons, and has succeeded too well for our peace of mind.

I checked the Internet for a crash course in Korean history. This is what I found to catch us up.

Japanese Occupation – 1910-1945

Division of Korea –1945-1950

Korean War – 1950-53

Post War Developments

Truce, not peace. George W. Bush termed North Korea a “rogue state.” Barack Obama used “strategic patience.”

North Korea had been testing missiles that were going far enough to hit the United States cities. It was getting scary.

Last month, we heard that there had been an accident in N. Korea’s bomb plant, and strangely enough, Kim Jong Un was planning to meet with U.S. President Trump, and. wonder of wonders, the head of the U.S. CIA had actually gone to N. Korea for a “secret meeting” that actually WAS a secret until after he got back!

Last week we saw the heads of state of both North Korea and South Korea holding hands and each stepping in the other’s territory!  (Television is such a wonderful invention!)

We also saw the battery of loudspeakers pointed toward North Korea in the DMZ being taken down.

We need to pray that when and if President Trump gets to talk face to face with Kim Jong Un that he will be able to say the right thing to help bring peace to that troubled country and the world.  We have had soldiers there for 68 years.

It won’t be the first time that God has used a less-than-perfect man to get His Will done. Please pray for God’s leadership for Korea- and the United States of America.

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