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New Arrivals
Highlands Regional Medical Center Area Births

Aug. 21
A daughter, Susie Lashae Davis, to Kayla Davis of Prestonsburg.

Aug. 22
A daughter, Aubrey Makenna Grace Kendrick to Whitney and Jarred Kendrick of Prestonsburg.

Aug. 24
A daughter, Sophia Grace Oiler to Angel May and Michael Brandon Oiler of Thelma.
A daughter, Brylee Jade Mullins to Holly Mullins and Justin Mullins of Pilgrim.

Aug. 25
A daughter, Kyndal Lashae Gayheart to Savannah McIntyre and Mickey Gayheart of Blue River.
A son, Keaton Matthew Shortridge to Brittany Hurley of Hazard.

Aug. 26
A daughter, Emily Grace Smith to Charity Anne and Glenn Curtis Smith of Campton.
A son, Eli Scott Salisbury to Marilyn J. Salisbury of Bevinsville.
A son, Ezra Lee Salisbury to Marilyn J. Salisbury of Bevinsville.
A son, Treyson Jace Wright to Velma Lea Blanton and Ricky Dale Wright of Prestonsburg.

Aug. 27
A daughter, Genesis Madison Brita Rose Fraley to Brittney Fraley of Prestonsburg.

Sept. 1
A son, Hunter James Spradlin to Kimberly and James Spradlin of Hager Hill.
A son, Bentley Alexander Slone to Arizona Slone and Blake Haney of Carrie.
A son, Richard Allen Pinson to Nichole and Richard Pinson of Debord.
A daughter, Adalee Rain Whitaker to Ashley Hope Whitaker and Joshua Blake Whitaker of Royalton.
A son, Brayden Alex Goble to Destiny and James Goble of Salyersville.
A son, Matthew Charles Moore to Savannah Rose Gillispie and Braxton Lee Moore of McDowell.

Sept. 2
A son, Kaden Douglas Blair to Elizabeth Michelle Blair of Thelma.
A son, Roy Vaughndean Nichols to Debra Johnson and Bruce Nichols of Prestonsburg.

Sept. 3
A daughter, Paisley Grace Hagans to Haley Jarvis and Wesley Hagans of Wayland.
A son, Colton Lee Hammons to Tracey Nickles and Dennis Hammonds of Banner.

Sept. 4
A daughter, Emmaline Zelda Jude to Kayla and Jason Jude of Warfield.
A daughter, Ellie Grace Lutes to Breanna Jenkins and Stephen Lutes of Stanton.

Sept. 6
A son, Gabriel Thomas Blackburn to LaDonna and Matthew Blackburn of Catlettsburg.
A daughter, Morggan SueAnn Lykins to Britney Pennington of Salyersville.

Sept. 7
A son, Zayden Westley Amburgey to April Michelle Miller of Hazard.

Sept 8
A son, Noah Isaac Johnson to Felicia Hensley of Thelma.

Sept. 9
A son, Rylan Charles Hamilton to Mia Kidd and Devin Hamilton of Pikeville.
A daughter, Catherine Joy French to Sarah and Andrew French of Pikeville.
A son, Nathan Rhyder VanHoose to Megan and Nathan VanHoose of Wittensville.
A daughter, Alexis Virginia Utt to Rebecca and Thomas Utt of Lovely.

Sept. 10
A son, Gideon Lee Owens to Jessica Earlene and Willie Lee Owens of Paintsville.

Sept. 11
A daughter, Mia KayAnn Hackworth to Megan and Bradley Hackworth of Oil Springs.
A daughter, Braylin Renee Sue Hall to Savannah and Kevin Hall of Prestonsburg.
A daughter, Emma Dawn McCoy to April and Adam McCoy of Williamsport.

Sept. 12
A daughter, Joslyn Cait Stone to Chelsea and Joshua Stone of Van Lear.

Sept. 14
A son, Robert Odin Lee Brim to Kassie Marie and Robert Dylan Grim of Wittensville.
A daughter Everleigh Annabelle Triplett to Ashley Triplett and Mason Gayheart of Hunter.
A son, Tony Nehemiah Wakeland to Tony and Nicole Wakeland of Prestonsburg.
A daughter, Allie Hope Hall to Amanda and Martin Hall of Prestonsburg.

Sept. 15
A daughter, Taylor Cheylynn Slone to Robin Slone of Hindman.
A daughter, Katherine Leigh-Ann Coleman to Tabitha of Martin.
A daughter, Kaydee Grace Dials to Reisha and Justin Dials of Inez.

Sept. 16
A daughter, Danielle Nancy Faith Hall to Brittany Diane and Timothy Chad Hall of Hi Hat.
A daughter, Jayla Alexandria Jarrell to Antionette Stafford and Alexander Jarrell of Warfield.
A daughter, Raven Lynn Sprong to Tiffany Strong and Brandon Sprong of Paintsville.
A daughter, Bryanna Kaye Bentley to Jennifer Owens and Bert Bentley of Van Lear.
A daughter, Emilee Ann Bentley to Jennifer Owens and Bert Bentley of Van Lear.

Sept. 17
A daughter, Jaylyn Nicole Harless to Chasity Nicole and Ricky Leroy Harless of Louisa.
A son, Stephen Oliver Leedoyle Chaney to Melinda Sue Adams and Stephen Cecil Chaney of Betsy Layne.
A daughter, Kinlee Preece Jarrell to Savannah Ryan and William Jarrell of Prestonsburg.
A son, Chevy Chase Henry to Krista Henry of Salyersville.

Sept. 18
A daughter, Arianna Nicole Cordova to Meagan Blair and Inocente Cordova Morales of Paintsville.
A son, MacIvan Jayce Howard to Mickaylyn and Taylor Howard of Salyerville.

Sept. 20
A daughter, Zoey Raschelle Tackett to Tiffany Raschelle and Trent Douglas Tackett of Stambaugh.

New Arrivals
Highlands Regional Medical Center Birth Announcements

July 28
A daughter, Alivia Mae Borders, to Ashlee and Gary Borders of Prestonsburg.

July 31
A son, Parker Ray Walls, to Anna Renea Walls and Shawn Michael Walls of Lovely.
A daughter, Alyssa Ann Francesca Conn, to Tiffany Partin of Printer.

August 3
A son, Joshua Michel Duchnowski Jr., to Karissa and Joshua Duchnowski of Salyersville.

August 4
A daughter, Henley Reese Rodriguez, to Ashton Nicole Howard of Salyersville.
A son, Owen Tyler Williamson, to Heather and William Williamson of Wittensville.

August 5
A son, John Thomas Carter Grissom, to Persephone and Derrick Grissom of Paintsville.

August 8
A daughter, Madison Grace Miller, to Kathy Gilbert and Larry Miller of West Van Lear.

August 9
A daughter, Ella Kile Collins, to Kimberly Marie Collins of Van Lear.

August 10
A son, Grayson Abel Newberry, to Regina Lemaster and Eric Newberry of Van Lear.

August 11
A son, Owen Lee Stiltner, to Kayla Ann Stiltner and Cody Lee Stiltner of Pikeville.
A son, Easton James Hall, to Megan and Chad Hall of Prestonsburg.

August 12
A son, Laine Michael Shannon Adams to Angela Yvette Goble and Bryan Scott Adams of Prestonsburg.

HRMC Area Births
July 19
A son, Mykal Julius Meek, to Cari and Michael Meek of Stambaugh.

July 21
A son, Abel Josiah Hurley, to Tiffany and Salathiel Hurley of Topmost.
A son, James Holden Reign Woolum, to Hunter Faith Hayes-Price and James Bradley Woolum of Vicco.

July 23
A daughter, Aspyn Rayne Fugate, to Alison Noble and Steven Fugate of Hazard.

July 24
A daughter, Carrigan Elise Boyd, to Madonna and Lewis Boyd of Grethel.

July 25
A daughter, Hadley Paige Tackett, to Megan Rachelle Tackett and John Mark Tackett of Staffordsville.

July 27
A daughter, Samara Ariel Michelle Allgood, to Whitney and Timothy Allgood of Meally.

July 28
A daughter, Addilyn Jace Howard, to Gabrielle Patrick and Wesley Howard of Salyersville.
A son, Latham River Curtis, to Micah and Joshua Curtis of Martha.
A son, Gary Alexander Prestin Legg, to Katherine T. Bush and Joshua Andrew Legg of West Liberty.
A son, Jaxon Jace Campbell, to Ashley and Kyle Campbell of Topmost.

July 29
A son, Lucas Carter Mollett, to Stephanie Burkett and Gabriel Mollett of Meally.
A son, Bryson Desmond Jewell, to Jessica Ann-Marie and Dustin Tyler Jewell of Hager Hill.
A daughter, Teegan LaShay Staton, to Stephanie and Tony Staton of Pilgrim.

July 30
A daughter, Erin Elizabeth Grace Salyers, to Heather and Justin Salyers of Paintsville.
A daughter, Lora Rose Blevins, to Alicia Kaye Blevins and Nero Blevins Jr. of Paintsville.
A daughter, Cora Grace Blevins, to Alicia Kaye Blevins and Nero Blevins Jr. of Paintsville.
A son, Carter Ray Mullins, to Kellie Jarrell of Prestonsburg.
A son, Carson Zyler Peyton, to Tiffany Paige Taulbee and Cody Joe Peyton of West Liberty.

July 31
A son, Gabriel Duwane Searls, to Cortneh Belle Cottrell and Jeffery Jean-Guy Searls of Dwale.
A daughter, Laila Michelle Jordan, to Chasity Lynn Jordan and Steven Christopher Jordan of Salyersville.

August 1
A son, Noah Easton Bowser, to Maranda and Brian Bowser of Harold.

HRMC New Arrivals
July 9
A son, Mark Carson Raymond Gilliam III, to Cherokee Hall and Mark Gilliam Jr. of Wayland.

July 10
A daughter, Arianna Elizabeth Sky Frasure, to Kennedy Bias and Eric Frasure of Grethel.

July 13
A son, Jaxson Bryan Allen, to Chanel and Jesse Allen of Prestonsburg.

July 14
A son, Toby Allen Hill, to Martha and Tony Hill of Topmost.
A son, Remington Jack Fletcher, to Tiffany Horne of Salyersville.

July 15
A daughter, Ahna Maralynn Chapman to Kendra Michelle Carter and George Washington Chapman II of Inez.
A son, Raylan Gauge Johnson, to Kayle Slone Johnson and Harold Johnson of Tomahawk.

July 16
A daughter, Jenna Denise Vanderpool, to Laurnea and James Vanderpool of Hippo.
A son, Laith Paul Edwin Preston, to Maria Ann and Rigel Patrick Preston of Paintsville.

New Arrivals
Highlands Regional Medical Center releases recent births

June 25
A daughter, Junetta Belle Marsillett, to Tiffany Nicole and Kevin Everret Marsillett of Prestonsburg.

June 26
A daughter, Kaylee Michelle Mullins, to Tarah Spriggs and Ray Mullins of Paintsville.

June 29
A son, Eli Luke Zeller, to Martha Kaitlyn and Brandon Lee Zeller of Pikeville.
A son, Waylon Noah Griffie, to Sherri Lynn Noble and Glen Griffie of Hazard.
A daughter, Aubrey Sage Howell, to Amy and James Howell of Beauty.
A son, William Kyle Preston, to Leanna Renae and Robert Wesley Preston of Hippo.

June 30
A son, Trevor Lee Hunter, to Lavahishia Robinson and Dustin Hunter of Prestonsburg.
A son, Jaxson Cole Helton, to Amanda Walz and Jayson Helton of Prestonsburg.
A daughter, Arianna Rose Mae Fishbaugh, to Angel and Dakota Fishbaugh of East Point.
A daughter, Ella Maddenson Patrick, to Brandi Nichole Patrick and Alan Duran Patrick of Salyersville.

July 1
A daughter, Ellie Rose Ousley, to Toni Lynn and Edward Andrew Ousley of Hager Hill.
A daughter, Dakota Shyanne Keeton, to Kimberlie Shepherd and Tony Keeton of Salyersville.
A son, Elijah Matthew Bentley, to Alesha Gamble and Bill Bentley of Inez.

July 2
A son, Braxton Jace Crum, to Shana Danielle Poe of Martin.

July 4
A daughter, Kelsie Taylor Osborne, to Ashley Renae and Durwin Chandler Osborne of Banner.

July 5
A daughter, Gracelyn Jane Stephens, to Shalonna Hamilton and Joshua Stephen of Prestonsburg.

July 6
A daughter, Willow Frances Ritchie, to Samantha and Daniel Ritchie of Hazard.
A daughter, Ripley Lennox Bellar to Shabre Jarrell and Robert Bellar of Paintsville.

July 7
A daughter, Jazmin Rayne Spence, to Kayla Johnson of Inez.
A daughter, Adrianne Piper Johnson, to Kesha and Estill Johnson of Blue River.

July 8
A son, Kaden John Hager, to Dakota Kern and Steven Hager of Gunlock.
A daughter, Madilyn Grace Blair, to Kayla Maynard and Bryan Blair of Paintsville.
A daughter, Broderick Shay Skaggs, to Courtney Stumph and Michael Skaggs of Stambaugh.
A son, Justin Riley Hitchcock, to Tina Ward and Michael Eugene Hitchcock of Van Lear.

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