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HRMC New Arrivals
Highlands Regional Medical Center release area births:

June 12
A son, Easton Bailey Clevinger, to Kristina Goff and Scott Clevinger of Pikeville.
A daughter, Meredith Claire Howard, to Jacqueline and Ian Howard of Inez.
A son, William Bentley Fluty, to Kasey and William Fluty of Thealka.
A daughter, Tinsley Dee Melton, to Tandra and William Melton of Pippa Passes.
June 13
A son, Nathaniel James Everett Saulton, to Rachel and Stephen Saulton of Flat Gap.
June 14
A son, Abram Jay Davis, to Natashia and Jerry Davis of Louisa.
A son, Asher Joseph Hurd, to Catrina Anderson and Robert Hurd of Prestonsburg.
June 16
A son, Bentley Adam Santiago, to Melissa Dawn Johnson and Leonardo Santiago of Inez.
A son, Maxwell Kennedy John Holbrook, to Jessica Dawn Holbrook of Whitesburg.
June 17
A son, Carson Gregory Liam Wallen, to Gabrielle and Michael Wallen of Martin.
A daughter, Alyssa Jazmyne Gross Caudill of Lost Creek.
June 18
A daughter, Paislee Raelan Hall, to Kayla Beverly and Jeffrey Hall of Kite.
June 20
A daughter, Aubrey Macheal Johnson, to Jacklyn Macheal Setser and Jacob Douglas John of Blue River.
June 22
A daughter, Kaylee Louann Cantrell, to Brittany and Robert Cantrell of Salyersville.
June 23
A son, Lucas James Carty, to Katlyn and James Carty of Salyersville.
June 24
A daughter, Scarlett Kinsley Grace Guthrie, to Kara Tackett and Dallas Guthrie of Stambaugh.
A son, Jaxton Kage Marshall, to Kathryn Claire and Jason Keith Marshall of Meally.
A son, Aiden Walker Chaffin, to Sabrina Stewart and Kyle Chaffin of East Point.
A son, Byron Kelly Watson, to Felicia Lowe and Poncho Watson of Boonscamp.
June 25
A daughter, Makenzi Raelyn Jeanette Roades, to Samantha Nichols and Jesse Roades of Salyersville.
June 26
A daughter, Aaliyah Marie Inmon, to Brittany Hayden and Aaron Inmon of Prestonsburg.
A daughter, Ariel Star Lewis to Virginia Sunshine Lewis of Ivel.
June 27
A daughter, Kathryn Aaliyah Jakayla Parsons to Amber Hall and Alan Parsons.
A daughter, Kamryn Sue-Ann Grace Claypool, to John and Kimberly Claypool of Campton.
A son, Timothy Wayne Hughes, to Rebecca and Jonathan Hughes of Harold.
July 1
A daughter, Hermione Sue Adams, to Ashleigh and Marcus Adams of Salyersville.
A son, Cade Michael Wolford, to Charles and Paige Wolford of West Van Lear.
A son, Weston Cruz DeRossett, to Nikki Blackburn and Billy DeRossett of Dwale.
July 2
A daughter, Cassidy LeeAnn Collins, to Stella Spears of Prestonsburg.
July 3
A son, Ben Mitchell Adkins, to Hope and Brian Adkins of Paintsville.
A son, Elijah Donald Gilbert, to George Edward Ryan and Gretta Davidson Gilbert of Prestonsburg.
July 8
A son, Donald Joseph Hickman, to Joseph Blaine and Ashley Marie Hickman of Louisa.
July 9
A daughter, Teagan Mae Grace Vonville, to Felicia Vonville of Martin.
A son, Diesel Duramax-Coal Teegardin, to Jaimie Nicole and Michael Teegardin of Hindman.
July 10
A son, Michael Alexander Case, to Thelma Meade and Michael Case of Prestonsburg.
A daughter, Kenleigh Blake Gamble, to Karmen Henson and Ashland Gamble of Salyersville.
A son, Caysen Emerson Woods, to Crystal Gail Woods and Kyle Edwin Woods of Tram.
July 11
A son, Jase Dwayne Sparks, to Paulina Saylor and Raymond Sparks of Inez.
A son, Taegan Bryce Johnson, to Stephanie Hall and Michael Johnson of Melvin.
A daughter, Karlee Madison Meek, to Kimberly and Mason Meek of Boonscamp.
A daughter, Willow Shyann Spence, to Jonie Daniel and Elvis Spence of Tomahawk.
A son, Brayden Ray Hancock, to Kimberly and Garland Hancock of McDowell.
July 12
A daughter, Mia Roshell Davis, to Julie May and Shannon Davis of Warfield.
July 13
A daughter, Aubree Brook Blanton, to Ieshea Leigh Collins and Gregory Donavan Blanton of East Point.
A daughter, Haley Josephine Wells, to Natasha Shaunae Wells of Meally.
July 14
A daughter, Harlee Faith Auxier, to Amanda and Clarence Auxier of Salyersville.
July 15
A daughter, Alexis Grace Owens, to Rebecca and Kevin Owens of Prestonsburg.
A son, Colton Titus Duff, to Brittany and Clyde Duff of Warfield.
July 16
A son, Jaxon Dwayne Maynard, to Amanda and Tommy Maynard of Inez.
A son, Colton Alan Ward, to Valeria Case of Martin.
A son, Racin Clay Gipson, to Sabrina and Ronnie Gipson of Salyersville.
July 17
A daughter, Emily Faith Renay Chaffins, to Victoria Kay Baker of Printer.
July 18
A daughter, Caroline Rose Helton, to Torri Dee Helton and Andrew Philip Helton of Staffordsville.
A daughter, Shawna Ranae Gayheart, to Nickole Marie and Shawn Rodney Gayheart of Williamsport.
July 20
A son, Elijah Robert Lemaster, to Erica and Jimmy Lemaster of Flat Gap.
A son, Jace Allen Bowen, to Elizabeth Sallee and Ronnie Bowen of Martin.
A son, Riley Heath Wyatt Kendrick, to Whitney and Jarred Kendrick of Prestonsburg.
July 21
A daughter, Ryleigh Marie Hall, to Angela Little and Ricky Hall of Martin.
July 22
A son, Cole Parker Hall, to Jonathan and Heather Hall of Martin.
July 23
A daughter, Madison Faith Dials, to Brianna Rose Dials and Zachary Ryan Dials of Warfield.
July 24
A daughter, Vanessa Paige Wells, to Justin and Ashley Wells of Martha.
July 26
A son, Anderson Willie Bee Compton, to Sadie Johnson and Larry Compton of Melvin.
July 27
A son, Jeremy Christopher Jenkins, to Bayli Jenkins of Hi Hat.
July 28
A daughter, Gracie Lynn Fields, to Kayla and Phillip Fields of Pikeville.
July 29
A daughter, Annabel Rae Holbrook, to Jean Alyson and David Holbrook of Paintsville.
A son, Cody Andrew Williams, to Lashona Faith Williams and Cody Don Williams of David.
A son, Isaiah Zechariah Purcell, to Haley Samons and John Purcell of Emma.
A daughter, Mia Lana Dale Stacy, to Megan Stacy of Swamp Branch.
A son, Leon Izick Wayne Thacker, to Lucinda Leigh-Anne and Justin Aaron Thacker of Hager Hill.
A son, Ryder Douglas Holbrook, to Ashly and Brandon Holbrook of Prestonsburg.
July 30
A son, Braylon Andrew Shepherd, to Jordon and Bethanie Shepherd of Gunlock.
July 31
A daughter, Lincoln Claire Brooke Fugate, to Kara and Sidney Fugate of Raven.
A daughter, Maci Willa Robinson, to Jessica Mae Stepp and William Robinson of Lovely.
A daughter, Destiny Faith Hatfield, to Nancy and Wesley Hatfield of Wayland.
August 2
A son, Jaxson Stone Dye, to Lindsey Alexandra Dye of McDowell.
A son, Preston Thomas Baldwin, to Morgan and Ryan Baldwin of Paintsville.
August 4
A son, Logan Drayke Gross, to Angela Nicole Turner and David Ray Gross of Jackson.
A son, Christian Daniel-Leland Szabo, to Anastasia McCormick and Matthew Szabo of Jackson.
August 5
A daughter, Keira Nikole Inmon, to Sarah Kidd and Brandon Inmon of Martin.
August 6
A son, Eli Tait May, to Virginia and James May of Pikeville.
August 7
A son, Carter Lee Stanley, to Elizabeth Osborne and Brandon Stanley of Banner.
A son, Jayden Dakota Sword, to Crystal Williams and Richard Sword of Printer.
August 8
A daughter, Arianna Faye Bowen, to Tiffany and Joshua Bowen of Warfield.
A son, Bentley Cole Music, to Jon and Brittany Music of Paintsville.
August 10
A daughter, Jaycee Caroline Wright, to Cameron Mills of Salyersville.
A son, Grayson Jeffery Dye, to Teresa and Jeffery Dye of Martin.
August 11
A daughter, Ella Grace Castle, to Megan and Cody Castle of Staffordsville.
A daughter, Shyana Colt McReynolds, to Sosha Denise Fields of Louisa.
A son, Lincoln Alexander Kevin Campbell, to Janie and Victor Campbell of Hazard.
A son, Kason Joshua Francis, to Caroline Martin of Garrett.
August 12
A son, Brantley Jaxton Perry, to Ashleigh Ousley of Prestonsburg.
A son, Gannon Blake Elkins, to Kayla and Cody Elkins of Pine Top.
A daughter, Paizley Raeleigh Elkins to Kayla and Cody Elkins of Pine Top.
A daughter, Millie Kaysyn Rayne Cole, to Adrienne and Steven Cole of Stanville.
A son, Robert Chase Prater, to Jennifer and Robert Prater of Hueysville.
A daughter, Mia LaShea Pack, to Terra and Brandon Pack of Wittensville.
August 13
A daughter, Vanessa Renee Griffith, to Jessica and John Griffith of Salyersville.
A son, Colton Wyatt Markus Wallen, to Morgan Lashae Heinlein and Anthony Russell Hallam of Prestonsburg.
A son, Steven Ray Johnson, to Amy Lynn and Steve Johnson of Martin.
August 14
A daughter, Skylar Elizabeth Bidinger, to Meggan Rose Fitch and Joseph William Bidinger of Sitka.
A daughter, Savannah Rose Bidinger, to Meggan Rose Fitch and Joseph William Bidinger of Sitka.
A son, Jordan Cecil Edward Newsome, to Samantha and Bryan Newsome of Teaberry.
August 15
A son, Ethan Dale Shepherd, to Wesley and Sheena Shepherd of Prestonsburg.
A son, Bo Garret Booth, to Monica Halsey of Bevinsville.
A son, Jeffery Clay Adams, to Patricia and Jeffrey Adams of Pikeville.
August 18
A son, Parker Vincent Marcel Taylor, to Harley Daniel and Troy Taylor of Paintsville.
A son, Huston Braxton O’ryan Boyd, to Tiffany Eva Marie Stanley and Isreal Timothy Boyd of Thealka.
A daughter, Aubree Jade Bentley, to Brittany Ann Thornsbury and Michael Eugene Bentley of Hindman.
August 19
A daughter, Tori Grace Miller, to Latasha and Marvin Miller of Paintsville.
August 20
A son, Aston Maddox Basir, to Margaret Spencer and Sami Basir of Wittensville.
A daughter, Jalynn Rachelle Newsome, to Malissa Scott and Zachary Newsome of Louisa.
August 22
A daughter, Macie Clay Ratliff, to Kinsey Patton and Clay Ratliff of Pikeville.
A son, Braylin Micheal DeWayne Holbrook, to Jason and Rhonda Holbrook of Salyersville.
August 23
A daughter, Arianna Kyleigh-Ann Hall, to Erica Horne of Banner.
August 25
A daughter, Reagan Mckinnley Roberts, to Jennifer and William Roberts of Paintsville.
A son, John Rylan Shepherd, to Sharon Lynn Kendrick and Wade J. Shepherd of Gunlock.
August 26
A daughter, Ellie Noel Gayheart, to Lacey and Matthew Gayheart of Hazard.
August 27
A son, Aydin Scott Patrick, to Haley Johnson of Mousie.
August 29
A daughter, Skylar Rae Newsome, to Jaclyn Danielle Ferrell of Auxier.
August 30
A daughter, Sereniti Brook Robinette, to Whitley and Jeffrey Robinette of Harold.
August 31
A son, Isaiah Jacob Turner, to Teresa and John Turner of Prestonsburg.
A son, Liam Preston Neace, to Amanda and Billy Neace of Jackson.
A son, Cameron Blake Howell, to Juanita and Andrew Howell of Wayland.
Sept. 2
A son, Jackson Lowell Thomas Carroll, to Jennifer and Johnny Carroll of Printer.
A daughter, Juana Nicole-Bethlehem Bush, to Ashley Scott and Shaun Bush of Auxier.
A daughter, Rylee Harper Little, to summer and Danville Little of Garner.
A daughter, Carli Brielle Moore, to Brittany and Jordan Moore of Melvin.
Sept. 3
A daughter, Kaisley Danielle Conley, to Brenna Manerva Conley of Wheelwright.
Sept. 4
A daughter, Macy Marie Julian, to Whitney and Rhys Julian of Auxier.
A daughter, Evelyn Mae Rose Keeton, to Eula Saddler and Brandon Keeton of Salyersville.
A son, Nicholas Parker Castle, to Breanna Danelle Crace of Salyersville.
Sept. 5
A son, Maverick Abe Howard, to Andrea and Dennis Howard of Hazard.
A daughter, Amelia Reese Webb, to Whitley Crace and Jesse Webb of Salyersville.
Sept. 7
A daughter, Alexia Jade Stiltner, to Sarah Johnson and Justin Stiltner of Teaberry.
A daughter, Gabriella Deloris McAllister, to Mary and Charles McAllister of Prestonsburg.
Sept. 8
A son, Cooper Ross Johnson, to Tonya and Gregory Johnson of Banner.
Sept. 9
A daughter, Summer Rayne Sweeney, to Crystal and Delbert Sweeney of Boonscamp.
A son, Andrew Dawson Spurlock, to Cecilia and Benjamin Spurlock of Leburn.
A son, Timothy B. Cornett, to Marlea Ann Hall and Michael Lawson Cornett of Fisty.
A daughter, Chloe Alexis Sweeney, to Kayla and Shawn Sweeney of Boonscamp.
Sept. 10
A son, James Robert Fitchpatrick Jr., to Kayla and James Fitchpatrick of Paintsville.
A son, Jhett David Hamilton, to Amanda and Shawn Hamilton of Banner.
A son, Braxton Jayce Mullins, to Tabitha Ann Waddle and William Thomas Mullins of David.
A daughter, Ava Grace Jenkins, to Whitney LaShae Jenkins of Hager Hill.
Sept. 11
A daughter, Emily Sue Craft, to Rodney and Bethany Craft of Salyersville.
A daughter, Lydia Grace Perry, to Stephanie and Joshua Perry of Flat Gap.
A son, Branson Timothy Lykins, to Chelsea Breann Lykins and Samuel Anthony Lykins of Staffordsville.
Sept. 12
A son, River Ethan Patrick, to Joshua and Tonya Patrick of Van Lear.
A son, Abel Fredrick Farnham, to Kayla Christian and Steven Farnham of Tomahawk.
A daughter, Layla Brooke May, to Kandyce and Jared May of Sitka.
Sept. 15
A daughter, Ariyanna Paige Price, to Amanda Gibson of Hazard.
Sept. 16
A daughter, Nickie Ann Ferguson, to Tamara Gaye Ross of Paintsville.
Sept. 17
A daughter, Emmersyn LaShae Crisp, to Kristen Rachelle Tacket and Geremy Crisp of Prestonsburg.
A daughter, Nikki LeeAnn Allen, to Tiffany Isaac and Nicholas Bryan Allen of Grethel.
A daughter, Dakota Raylynn Wilson, to Shelby Nicole Wilson and Dallas Ray Wilson Jr. of Thelma.
A son. Landon Brock Smith, to Mahayla Marie Smith and Robert Lee Smith of Paintsville.
A son, Hayden Hunter Lee Fugate, to Alison Evonne Hamilton and Nathan Trent Fugate of Hazard.
Sept. 18
A son, Charles Dominic Michael Burke, to Mary and Charles Burke of Inez.
Sept. 23
A daughter, Anna Bella Claire Baldridge, to Jennifer Carpenter and Bobby Baldridge of Prestonsburg.
A daughter, Maddison Del Reed, to Tina Johnson of Wittensville.
Sept. 25
A son, Logan Henry Mullins, to Wendy Nicole Mullins of Flat Gap.
A daughter, Willow Skye Young, to Sabrina Hamilton and Trey Young of Pikeville.
Sept. 27
A son, George Brayden Maynard, to Meagan Bolick and Adam Maynard of Lovely.
A son, Keegan Ray Stephens, to Tiffany Wireman and Ronnie Stephens of Prestonsburg.
A son, Aidan Matthew Ferguson, to Ashley Roseberry of West Liberty.
Sept. 29
A son, Jaxen Cooper Lyons, to Keshia and Freddy Lyons of Hippo.
A daughter, Alanna Elizabeth Maynard, to Marlina Bowen and Zachary Maynard of Inez.
A son, Jaxon Brent Hall, to Jennifer and Charles Hall of Kite.
A son, Darnell Andrew Smith, to Bessie and Claude Smith of Meally.
Sept. 30
A son, Riker Charley Hurley, to Kayla Reene Hurley and Joshua Charles Hurley of Phyllis.

New Arrivals
Highlands Regional Medical Center releases recent births

Jan. 6
A daughter, Josey Caroline Leedy, to Chelsea Rowland and Joseph Leedy of Paintsville.

Jan. 7
A daughter, Chesley June Church, to Amanda and Clayton Church of Viper.
A daughter, Sophia Nevaeh Renee Caudill, to Aynessa Brown of Paintsville.
A son, Carson Blaine Adkins, to Kimberly Jarrell and Casey Adkins of Prestonsburg.

Jan. 8
A son, Gary Marshall Horton, to Megan and Stuart Horton of Salyersville.

Jan. 9
A son, Jaxon Parker-Michael Anderson, to Mary and Jeremy Anderson of Harold.

Jan. 10
A daughter, Emilee Dawn Whitt, to Candenna Spence of Louisa.

Jan. 14
A daughter, Abigail Elise Guerra, to Ashley and Mitchell Guerra of Meally.
A son, Colby Jace Jude, to Valene Danielle and Joshua Morris Jude of Redbush.
A son, Jonah Miles McCoy, to Pamela and Timothy McCoy of Inez.
A son, Bryson Lee Hall, to Tiffany and Byron Hall of McDowell.

Jan. 15
A son, Xavier Lyndon Murphy, to Rebecca and Ronald Murphy of Salyersville.
A daughter, Lura Josie Gibson, to Martina Viles and Harold Gibson.

Jan. 16
A son, Benjamin Alexander Cook, to Tosha and Ben Cook of Sitka.
A daughter, Miley Railynn Perkins, to Emmalee Blevins and Joshua Perkins of Salyersville.
A son, Boston Eli Carroll, to Amber Griffith and Cody Carroll.

Jan. 17
A son, Mason Alexander Fyffe, to Melissa Martin and Mickey Fyffe.

Jan. 18
A daughter, Maggie Mae Holliday, to Heather and John Holliday of Busy.

Highlands Regional Medical announces the following births:

Sept. 12

A son, Mason Rylan Fields to Alison and Donald Fields of Hindman.

Sept. 16

A daughter, Jalyn Danielle Arnett to Trista Patrick of Salyersville.
A son, James Kaden Pelphrey to Brittany and James Pelphrey.
A daughter, Ariabella Mueleah Muncy to Philista Hughes and Vess Muncy of Warfield.
A son, Kash Taylor Garrett to Samantha Paige Setser of Prestonsburg.

Sept. 17

A son, Camron Ryan Russell to Brittany and Stanley Russell of Salyersville.

Sept. 19

A son, Colton Gunner Evans to Brittany and Dustin Evans of McDowell.

Sept. 20

A daughter, Rheanna Nacole Burchett to Stacy and Kevin Burchett of Blue River.

Sept. 23

A daughter, Kastyn Reanne Duchnowski to Megan and Robert Duchnowski of Prestonsburg.
A son, Noah Alexander Hurley to Shavonne and Mozee Hurley of Lick Creek.
A son, Logan Ethan Blaze Ward to Genell Hall of Lackey.

Sept 24

A son, Christopher Shane Smith Marsillett to Tanya and Larry Marsillett of Prestonsburg.
A daughter, Mia Grace Meek to Brittany and Matthew Meek of Paintsville.
A son, Zander Michael Lester to Keshia and Steven Lester of Prestonsburg.

Sept. 25

A daughter, Autumn Lashae Brown to Haley Blanton and Zachery Brown of Salyersville.
A son, Karson Michael Holbrook to Tabatha and Michael Holbrook of Allen.
A son, Carson Tyler Keens to Destiny Niece of Lackey.

Sept. 26

A daughter, Cora Jade Taylor to Celeste Zoey Taylor of Pilgrim.
A son, Jake Thomas Holbrook to Gina and Billy Holbrook of Paintsville.

Sept. 27

A daughter, Abigail Brooke Adkins to Brooke and Jeremy Adkins of Prestonsburg.
A daughter, Emma Aryanna Sanders to Victoria Risner and Zachary Sanders of Prestonsburg.
A son, Triston Leslie Gage Cox to Brittany Green and Dustin Cox of Garrett.

Sept. 30

A daughter, Addison Mae Beck Howard to Rita and Justin Beck Howard of Salyersville.

Oct. 1

A son, Easton Brody Adkins to Olivia Thacker of Pikeville.
A son, Brian Weslee Conn to Jamie and Brian Conn of Allen.
A daughter, Addison Navaeh Howard to Danielle and James Howard of Salyersville.

New Arrivals
Highlands Regional Medical Center releases recent births:

April 15
A son, Eli Jayce Mullins, to Kimberly Tackett of Ivel.
A son, Michael Edward May, to Tasha Brown of Leander.

April 16
A son, Hudson Jacob Bell, to Ashley and Steven Bell of Hindman.

April 17
A son, Brayden Hunter Cisco, to Jamie Amber Marie Tackett and Jamie Allen Cisco of Keaton.
A daughter, Bailey Ariana Amis, to Briana Lyn Welch and John Yancy Amis of Buckhorn.
A daughter, Cheyenne Jo Keeton, to Katherine Louise and James Thomas Keeton of West Liberty.

April 18
A daughter, Jazmine Marie Spears to Kellie and Tony Spears of Van Lear.
A son, Zayd Ibn Hossain to Samia Jahan and Mohammed A H Mazumder of Hager Hill.

April 22
A son, Konnor Drake Haney to Shalyla Louise Haney of Sitka.
A son, Brayden Lee Junior Keeton to Mable Pratt of Salyersville.

April 24
A son, Connor Ray Gibson to Amanda Johnson of Salyersville.

April 25
A daughter, Chavella Ranea Reed to Lottie and Terry Reed of Salyersville.

April 26
A son, Charles James Edward Copley to Kule and Stephanie Copley of Warfield.
A daughter, Maggie Claire Adkins to Brandi and Mark Adkins of Pikeville.
A daughter, Kaitlynn Nicole Fitchpatrick to Kayla and James Fitchpatrick of Paintsville.

April 29
A daughter, Marlee Kelsie Puckett to Natalie and Andrew Puckett of Salyersville.
A son, Keilin Christopher Taylor Whitten to Denise Smith of Prestonsburg.
A son, Brayden Slade McPeek to Kailey Alissa Cole of Wittensville.

HRMC Area Births
Highlands Regional Medical Center releases their most recent birth announcements.

Dec. 28:

A daughter, Juliana Muniz Lumpkins, to Kimberly Ann Lumpkins and Jesus Muniz Chico of Van Lear.

Dec. 31:

A son, Wesley Kaiden Stacy, to Crystal Diane Gayheart of Vicco.

Jan. 2:

A son, Trevor Kayden Keith Hall, to Deoanna Lynn Sturgill of Langley.
A daughter, Isabella Grace Burchett, to Barbara and Eddie Burchett of Tram.
A daughter, Emarie Jane Barker, to Tabitha and David Barker of Prestonsburg.
A son, Connor Riley Justice, to Kristie Hunter and Christopher Justice of Betsy Layne.

Jan. 3:

A son, Lucas Ryan Osborne, to Stacy Cottle of Paintsville.
A son, Xavier Ian Caudill, to Melissa Niece of Langley.
A daughter, Delilah Grace Saylor, to Angie and Charlie Saylor of Paintsville.
A daughter, Saida Kathleen Dale, to Brianna and David Dale of Belcher.

Jan. 4:

A daughter, Rachel Renee Bailey, to Casie and Allen Bailey of Salyersville.

Jan. 7:

A son, Landon Jeremy Howard, to Josephine and Jeremiah Howard of Salyersville.
A daughter, Breanna Nicole Hopkins, to Jessica and James Hopkins of Salyersville.

Jan. 8:

A son, Riley Eugene Sadler, to Anna Marie Stacy of Wittensville.
A daughter, Lakkon Alexandria Jent, to Nancy Ann Loper of Emmalena.

Jan. 9:

A daughter, Caroline Rose Hogan, to Jessica Francis Grigsby of Beulan.
A son, Jayden Cole Vanhoose, to Haley Nicole and Josh Tyler Vanhoose of Paintsville.

Jan. 10:

A daughter, Allison Marie Adkins, to Josephine Bailey of Lovely.
A son, Tristian Dwayne Davis, to Julie May of Warfield.

Jan. 11:

A son, Wyatt Jessie Hunter, to Nancy West and Jessie Hunter of Prestonsburg.

Jan. 12:

A daughter, Allie Alexis Lewis, to Amy Miller and Jonathan Lewis of Martin.
A daughter, Khloe Maddison Boyd, to Mikka Fraley of Prestonsburg.

Jan. 13:

A daughter, Olivia Grace Watson, to Felicia Lowe of Boonescamp.

Jan. 14:

A daughter, Alirah Grace Bailey, to Kirstyn Dingus and Michael Ray Bailey of Prestonsburg.
A son, Aiden Daniel Johnson, to Elizabeth Thacker and Raymond Johnson of Auxier.

Jan. 16:

A son, Brantley Adam Rose, to Katie Rose of Wayland.

Jan. 17:

A son, Bentlee Charles Young, to Natasha and Mickey Young of Harold.

Jan. 18:

A daughter, Abigail Marie Hall, to Teshia Henry of Prestonsburg.

Jan. 20:

A son, Zane Douglas Tackett, to Tiffany and Trent Tackett of Stambaugh.

Jan. 21:

A son, Jaxson Ruel Fitch, to Briana Shanese and Bradric Ruel Fitch of Williamsport.
A son, Elijah Brantley Norris, to Haley and Robert Norris of Saylersville.
A daughter, Elizabeth Louise Prater, to Amber Dawn and Eddie Alexander Prater of Salyersville.
A daughter, Julia Grace Ratliff, to Joy and Joshua Ratliff of Tutor Key.

Jan. 22:

A son, James Clifford Noah Bradley, to Jordan and James Bradley of Dana.
A son, Ayden Brian Lamar Gatewood, to Andrea Lynn and Brian Keith Gatewood of Paintsville.

Jan. 23:

A son, Jarrod Michael Patrick, to Meghan Taylor Patrick of Salyersville.

Jan. 24:

A son, Braylon Jayce Gunnar Keen, to Nancy Jo Boyd and James Darrell Keen of Stanville.
A son, Cameron Clyde Hamilton, to Megan Rachelle Ward of Prestonsburg.
A son, Braylon Matthew Fairchild, to Dorrisa Stapleton of Salyersville.

Jan. 25:

A daughter, Christian Shyann Lynn Caudill, to Patricia and Randall Caudill of Garrett.
A son, Ashton Tyler Conn, to Kayla Blevins of Banner.

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