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Second-year Respiratory Therapy students practice assessments on Pediatric patients
Tanner Skeens, left, is shown with second-year Respiratory Therapy student Kristen Hall during a pediatric assessment exercise that was held on Thursday, February 16 on the Mayo campus of Big Sandy Community and Technical College.

PAINTSVILLE.– Second-year students in the Respiratory Therapy program at Big Sandy Community and Technical College (BSCTC) got hands-on experience with pediatric patients on Thursday, February 16 as part of their Neonatal/Pediatric Respiratory Care course. 
Students practiced patient assessments on children ages eight months to 12 years old.  Following the assessments, the children learned about Respiratory Therapy and its role in the healthcare field.
“It’s always great to bring in children to do these assessments,” said Missy Skeens, coordinator of the Respiratory Therapy program at BSCTC. “Through the assessments, we gain valuable experience, and we also get the opportunity to share our passion for this work with the children.”
To learn more about the Respiratory Therapy program at BSCTC, contact Skeens at (606) 788-2822 or email

From France to Paintsville

By Amber Wilcox
Staff Writer

Lucas Ganzel, 16, is an exchange student from France and is currently attending Paintsville High School as a junior.
Coming from the big city of Cahors, Ganzel, stated that some of the biggest differences that he has noticed between his hometown and Paintsville has been the food and the weather.
“The food here is different, there is more fast food here than there is in France,” said Ganzel. “In France we know what the weather will be like but here there is so much change. One week there will be snow and another it will be hot, so it’s really different.”
Another difference that Ganzel noticed was the fact that in Paintsville, once you turn 16 you’re allowed to get your driving permit. “In France you can’t get your permit until you’re 18,” said Ganzal.
While Ganzel has adjusted to the small town life, he stated that one of the challenges he faced when first arriving was being able to understand what people would say, specifically his teachers. Once Ganzel got use to the dialect of the region, school became much easier and he stated that school here is pretty much the same as it is in France.
“I really like the school and the all of the friends that I’ve made,” said Ganzel.
While studying abroad, Ganzel has also gotten to take part in watching an American football game, which he hadn’t seen before.
“I liked it and it was really cool to see,” said Ganzel.
While attending Paintsville High School Ganzel has become involved in a number of sports including soccer, archery, and plans to play tennis in March.
While France may be a larger area, Ganzel stated that he has enjoyed his time here and would do it again if he had the opportunity.
Ganzel is with the exchange student organization CETUSA, Council for Educational Travel, USA. Anyone with questions or interest in hosting an exchange student can reach them at 1-888-238-8721 or

From city life to small town life

By Amber Wilcox
Staff Writer

Eleonora Lanzani, 17, is an exchange student at Paintsville High School from Milan, Italy. Coming from a city of nearly 2 million people, Lanzani finds that the small town life of Paintsville is different in many aspects.
One of the differences that Lanzani was first to talk about was the difference between the food choices compared to Italy. “Everyone always eats fast food and there isn’t a lot of healthy food.”
While studying in Paintsville, Lanzani has been able to take part in a number of new experiences and activities ranging from Thanksgiving Day, homecoming, basketball, and upcoming prom.
“Here on November 24th everyone celebrates Thanksgiving, which is something that we don’t have in Italy,” said Lanzani. “I’m so glad that I could be a part of this celebration.”
While Thanksgiving may not be celebrated in Italy, Lanzani said that they give importance to a holiday that’s not celebrated in Paintsville called Epiphany Day.
Epiphany, also known as Three Kings Day, a holiday that celebrates the revelation of God incarnate as Jesus Christ and is celebrated by having a feast that is held in January.
Another difference that Lanzani noticed was school events.
“Here they have two kinds of a school party called prom and homecoming that I’m sure I’ll never forget in my life,” said Lanzani. “It’s the best part of the year for a high school student in America.”
While Lanzani is enjoying her time here, she did find some difficulty in coming to live in Paintsville as an exchange student.
“The most difficult parts of living away from home was definitely during the first period I was here because I missed my family, all my friends, and my basketball team,” said Lanzani. “Obviously I didn’t know a lot of people here like I do now and it was hard for me to understand what people were saying because they speak so fast and at that time I was unable to understand, but now everything is so much easier.”
Overcoming her difficulties when first arriving, Lanzani has become more involved in the school, specifically with the girl’s basketball team.
“I played volleyball in the fall but I’m playing basketball now and it is going really good,” said Lanzani.
While she may come from a large city, Lanzani stated that she loves Paintsville even though it is small.“I love the people here and they are very nice to me,” said Lanzani. “This is the best experience I could ask for with the best family and friends, I just want everyone to know that I’m so glad to be a Tiger.”
Lanzani is with the exchange student organization CETUSA, Council for Educational Travel, USA. Anyone with questions or interest in hosting can reach them at 1-888-238-8721 or

From Spain to Kentucky

By Amber Wilcox
Staff Writer

Jimena Reguiez, 15, is an exchange student from Madrid, Spain, attending Paintsville High School in the tenth grade. While she has adjusted to the small town life of Paintsville easily, she has noticed quite a few differences between her hometown and Paintsville.
“In Madrid, I could go anywhere I wanted to by walking or public transport,” said Reguiez. “Here I have to use a car to go everywhere and sometimes it gets a bit annoying because I feel like I don’t have as much independence.”
While she may not be able to get everywhere by walking in the county, Reguiez stated that the town is beautiful and the people within it are as well.
“I would like everyone to know how nice the people are here,” said Reguiez.
While here in Paintsville, Reguiez stated that she’s been able to participate in a number of different activities including going to horse shows, University of Kentucky Football game and camping. “I really liked it!” Along with getting to explore the outdoors more, Reguiez has also been able to spend some time with animals as well.
“We have a lot of animals in the house (host family’s home) and I love it,” said Reguiez. “I don’t have any pets back in Spain.”
Some of the other differences that Reguiez has noticed is the difference in lunch times. “Back in Spain we eat around three and have dinner around ten.”
Reguiez also reflected on a difference that caused an awkward situation when first arriving.
“One time here I almost gave two kisses to a girl I had met and it was really awkward,” said Reguiez. In Spain it is custom, when you meet someone, to give them two kisses, one on each check in greeting.
Growing accustomed to the differences, Reguiez has involved herself in various school programs including student council, the bowling team, and also plans to join the tennis team once the season begins.
While Reguiez isn’t having a hard time, she does find that one of the things she misses are her friends back home.
“Sometime I miss them a lot,” said Reguiez.

From Italy to Paintsville

By Amber Wilcox
Staff Writer

Michele Graziano, 16, an exchange student from Italy is one of the many students who are studying abroad in the area. Graziano attends Paintsville High School and is in the 11th grade.
Having never been to the United States, Graziano finds that there are many differences between Johnson County and Italy.
“Between here and my hometown there are a lot of differences, Milan is a really big town, almost like New York, and the culture is really different,” said Graziano. “The people here are different, I had to change the way I approached people by being more friendly. It’s not what I’m use too. In Milan everyone goes their own way; here everyone is a part of everyone else’s life.”
Graziano stated that the thing he liked most about Paintsville were the people themselves. “They care about you even if they don’t know you, they are very kind to someone who is new and that means a lot to me.”
While Graziano loves the people in the area along with the encouragement and acceptance, one of the most difficult parts of coming here has been the language.
“The language is one of the hardest things, just because it’s so foreign to you and you don’t know how to interact with people,” said Graziano. “It’s frustrating not being able to understand people, but it gets better with time.”
While here in Kentucky, Graziano has had the opportunity to try a variety of new things including different foods and sports.
“I’ve tried all kinds of food, like fried pickles, deep fried green tomatoes, and different kinds of hamburgers,” said Graziano. “I enjoyed those the most but I also love fried chicken, of course.”
Graziano also had the opportunity to take part in a sport that he had been wanting to do for some time; archery.
“I had the chance to join the archery team,” said Graziano. “It’s completely new to me but I’ve always wanted to do.”
Graziano also had the opportunity to play his first game of laser tag and to be in a parade for the first time.
While Graziano has enjoyed his time here in Kentucky, he said that he couldn’t see himself moving here to live permanently, preferring the city life over country life. “While I can’t imagine living here, I will definitely come back and visit my host family and friends.”

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