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Letters to the Editor
Desperate attempt

Dear Editor:

“Not conservative enough” is another desperate attempt by avaricious profiteers and status quo politicians to sidetrack Donald Trump.
Their desperation is understandable.  If Trump becomes president, profiteers, foreign and domestic, will lose direct access to the U.S. Treasury, and politicians will lose indirect access, meaning million-dollar speeches and the sale of monopolistic and other immoral legislation will end forthwith.
Measured with practical outcomes, conservatives and liberals are no different.  Both parties are equally guilty of significant dereliction.  They and their profiteering paymasters have pillaged America, and she now stands in rags amidst shambles.
It offends commonsense to think that long-seated, status quo politicians can or will clean up their own mess that includes an America with no borderlines, illegal aliens roaming our land with impunity, ongoing wars against sovereign nations that pose no threat to America, cabinet-level corruption, unresolved scandals, and an epidemic of poverty that is thinning the middle class.
Furthermore, the only genuine threat to our way of life is our burgeoning $18.9 trillion debt in conjunction with a Congress and White House occupied with me-first politicians who still act and talk as if we have an $18.9 trillion surplus.
Thank goodness Trump is not conservative enough!

Shafter Bailey
Lexington, KY

Letters to the Editor
New auditor

Dear Editor,
Thankfully we already have our new Auditor, Mike Harmon, making our unfunded pensions a top priority as we start to dig ourselves out of the mess left by Beshear and Stumbo. Of course Stumbo will be around a little longer, until Kentucky closes the deal by electing a Republican majority, allowing us to enter the 21st century.
A large part of the reason that Beshear so woefully underfunded the pensions was Democrat patronage. We all know the good ol’ boy atmosphere that existed in Frankfort, and the slush funds and political kickbacks that were regular occurrences there. It’s no surprise Stumbo gave his now infamous “Mary riding an elephant” speech last election night. He and his elite cronies knew the easy-money gravy-train days were over.
I hope Auditor Harmon will dig deep. I hope he goes back as far as he can, and sheds daylight on the heretofore shrouded world of Kentucky Democrat good ol’ boy political patronage. No doubt there will be enough seamy underbellies to keep him busy for two terms.
Keep a sharp eye on whether Beshear Jr. tries to block Harmon. This young fellow may not be like daddy, and this will be his first test.

Bill Marshall
Midway, KY

Letters to the Editor
Celebrate School Board Members

Dear Editor,
As a “Distinguished School District”, Johnson County has many reasons to celebrate the service of the school board members on the Johnson County Board of Education. While putting the priority of increased student academic achievement and district well being first, these men still find time from their work and home schedules to attend formal trainings enabling them to make educated decisions. These state-required trainings also help them to speak knowledgeably to the community regarding the many changes that filter down to the local district from state and federal mandates and educational changes.
As seen in the many international academic championships, raising ACT and state assessment scores, district and regional athletic championships, increasing student attendance percentages, the Johnson County Board of Education has five representatives who devote their time and energy to help mark this school district among the best in the state.
Designated as School Board Recognition Month, January is an optimum time to celebrate the service and dedication of these individuals.
I, along, with the students and staff of the Johnson County School System, wish to express appreciation and gratitude to Bob Hutchison, Melvin VanHoose, Bruce Aaron Davis, William Fraley and Brad Frisby for their years of dedication and service and I urge all residents of Johnson County to join us in expressing appreciation to these outstanding public servants.

Thomas Salyer

Letters to the Editor
School Board Recognition
Dear Editor,
On an annual basis, the month of January is acknowledged as School Board Recognition Month by the Kentucky School Boards Association (KSBA). The five individuals who serve in this capacity for the students of Paintsville Independent Schools should be commended for providing excellent service and leadership to this community during their tenure. Despite facing continued funding cuts in state and federal dollars since 2008, Paintsville Independent continues to provide exceptional opportunities for youth enrolled in kindergarten through twelfth grade.
No doubt changes are coming to K-12 public education at the national level with passage of the federal Every Student Succeeds Act, with potential for more change at the state level at a time when the Commonwealth’s new budget will be squeezed. Implementation will be challenging due to Kentucky’s rank as 10th worst in the country in education funding per a recent report released by the Kentucky Center of Economic Policy, which reflects a per student decline of 12.1 percent when inflation is taken into account.
To keep up with this ever-changing education climate, school board members must spend numerous hours in professional development and preparation of all kinds, from formal training to earn state-required credit hours to reviewing documents and reports prior to a school board meeting to studying education trends through the media.
Please take the opportunity this month to join me in thanking the board members of the Paintsville Independent School District: Ken Fuller, Eddie Hazelett, Joe Porter, Marvin “Butch” Walker, and Matt Williams for their service and let them know we are appreciative of their selfless efforts.

Coy D. Samons, Superintendent
Paintsville Independent School
Paintsville, Kentucky

Global Warming
Dear Editor,
As we enjoyed our Christmas with above average temperatures, all the folks I came into contact with remarked how happy they were with the warm weather, particularly after the last two brutally cold winters. I then thought maybe this global warming nonsense might be true. Wouldn’t it be great to grow food later in the year and feed the hungry? But alas, like every other Liberal Democrat promise, it was short-lived.
Kentucky turned a major corner with our last election. Governor Bevin was not shy about what he said he wanted to do, and we elected him with a substantial margin. That’s called a mandate.
We have the opportunity to close the deal with the state house elections this coming November, and with a couple of special elections in the next month or so. There were several elected Democrats who realized that Stumbo’s direction of living in the past century is not Kentucky’s future, and changed parties. They know Republicans are leading the way to bring opportunity for all, not just the privileged elite Democrats in this state.
Help Kentucky in 2016 and elect Republicans. Together we will join the real promise of the 21st century, and make Kentucky great.

Bill Marshall
Midway, KY

Letters to the Editor
Unite working Americans

Dear Editor,
Let us all unite to fashion Rand Paul a one term Senator. Let’s replace him with a blue-collar working class family fan. A United Steel Worker, union man, from Phelps, Jeff Kender refuses to have millionaire’s aiding and lobbying him. He won’t sell the American people out for personal gain as we have watched over and over again. He will not tell you and I one thing, and do another. He knows what it’s like to put in a hard days work. Jeff Kender isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and get to work. That’s what we can expect when we send Jeff Kender to replace Paul in Washington D.C as Senator. What we need right now more than ever is less chest thumping and more pen to paper. You know what you’re going to get when you send a blue-collar man to work.
Jeff Kender will put you and your family first, before political games, as we’ve seen time and time again by Paul. The time has come for the everyday American worker to have a voice and a fighter in Washington. Get on board at Jeff Kender, Democrat for Senate 2016!!
Neil Mollette
Pilgrim, Kentucky

January is National Birth Defects Prevention Month

Dear Editor,
Birth defects are common, costly, and critical. Every 4˝ minutes, a baby is born with a major birth defect in the United States. Become an active participant in National Birth Defects Prevention Month by joining the nationwide effort to raise awareness of birth defects, their causes and their impact.
We know that not all birth defects can be prevented. However, we encourage all women to make healthy choices and adopt healthy habits to help lower their risk of having a baby born with a birth defect. This year we are encouraging all women to make a PACT for their own health and the family they may have one day.
Plan ahead
Get as healthy as you can before you get pregnant.
Get 400 micrograms (mcg) of folic acid every day.
Avoid harmful substances
Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking.
Be careful with harmful exposures at work and home.
Choose a healthy lifestyle
Eat a healthy diet that includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, lean proteins, and healthy fats and oils.
Be physically active.
Work to get medical conditions like diabetes under control.
Talk to your healthcare provider
Get a medical checkup.
Discuss all medications, both prescription and over-the-counter.
Talk about your family medical history.
Women and their loved ones can participate in a PACT and take these important steps toward a healthy pregnancy. Share your own tips for healthy pregnancy using #LivingMyPACT on social media.
The National Birth Defects Prevention Network, in collaboration with many state and local organizations, are working together to raise awareness of birth defects and encourage women to make a PACT for prevention. Learn more about the effect you can have on birth defects at

Erin Gillespie, Associate Director
Spina Bifida Association of Ky

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