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Letters to the Editor
Alone and scared 

Dear Editor:
As I sit here tonight, and replay all that has transpired earlier this evening, I sit alone, and scared. Between the hours of 12 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. today, I sat with a heavy heart wondering if I or my children will be beaten, burned out, or even killed in our sleep.
On March of 2014 a convicted felon was caught red-handed with a fire arm and arrested by a Mr. Mulls from the KSP, badge #842, from Pikeville. My family ws blamed for this.
It was told I had this weapon and in fact had hidden it for this convicted felon. I have not had a moments rest since then nor have my children be able to sleep or even go to school without wondering if they have a place to come home to or even if they would be attacked by these people.
However, I have made many calls to the Johnson County Sheriff’s dept. as well as the KSP in Pikeville. I was told that there was not a thing that they could do to help me.
As of tonight, KSP was called by this party again and sent on us. One of my kids was not threatened but was almost harmed. The person involved grabbed a 2x4 and not once but twice tried to hit him in the head. My son is a special needs child. We were told tonight “we can’t help you” even after this.
I feel I have spent all day wasting my time trying to end the harassment and threats. I have went to Sheriff D. Price and a few of his officers, I have went to the county Attorney’s office, a Mr. M. Endicott, and I was told, “I can’t help you Ms. Castle. You have no video or audio, so you are on your own”. After that I gave up. I feel like I’m all alone and no help.
My window was broken on Aug. 25, 2014, a report was written by JCSO Deputy Tim Clark on the damage to my home. Now we did the right thing, contacted all that I could and nothing. We are in fear of our lives, afraid to be burned in our home alive or killed.
Mentally, emotionally and now physically, I’m so tired and drained and scared. Why isn’t anything being done? People are killed everyday because of craziness. The children are afraid of being attacked as am I. These people have bad records of violence, so I feel like my rights are being stripped from me and I have no right to have any protection.
So far in the past five months we have been threatened, made fun of, had our driveway blocked, almost hit with four wheelers, and slandered on the internet. Yet no one can hear my plea for help.
Constable Bob Hyden and JCSO Deputy Clark again had to let my tormentors go because they said they had no proof. I’ve even had not one, but two of my children’s beloved pet dogs end up dead, poisoned, and could not prove who done it. I’m going to have to move from here because the County Attorney and the Sheriff’s office can’t keep them off me and my children.
I bought my own home and invested time and money for almost a 12 year period.
I was told that this tormentor will not stop and that one of my children as well as myself would be jumped and beat to death. That there was not a thing I can do about it because law enforcement can’t help me or touch them and laughed about it.
I now believe this is a true statement. I was there today, not only at Mr. Endicott’s office, but the sheriff’s office. I told law enforcement it would become violent and it did. So I feel like they are taking sides and it’s not on mine, even though I have so many calls and reports. I don’t know why nothing is being done about it. I’m having to move but I don’t have the money and this is all I have other than my children.
With this being said I feel I have no constitutional rights at all and with no help or protection. I may in the near future, as a last resort, exercise my right to protect my family. No matter what, regardless of how I feel, I’ve been lied to, denied protection and feel like that all is a prejudice against me for some reason. I wonder what a convicted felon, a person with a known menal problem and others that live around me that are known for domestic violence are allowed to harass, torment and threaten someone that is handicapped with two children with mental delays (special needs kids). How are they allowed to run free while our way of life is taken away? Johnson County has allowed it. We can’t sleep, sit outside, or enjoy our lives anymore. So with this being said I only want justice for my children and I want the right to feel safe without having to live scared.
So what I wish to know is WHY CAN’T SOME ONE HELP US BEFORE IT’S TO LATE. Do we need to be hurt? Our home burnt with or without us in it, or does blood have to be shed from us before someone will pay attention?
Do we have to pay the price for trying to be good people? Because that’s the way I feel and that so far what’s been happening.
So our judicial system has let us down and because of it we are going to end up getting hurt.

Shame on you Johnson County Sheriff’s Department and shame on you County Attorney, Mr. M. Endicott.
Ms. Dee A. Castle
Offutt, Ky.

Letters to the Editor
We are lucky

Dear Editor,
We are so lucky in Johnson County to have convenient waste disposal. For a low monthly fee, we have considerate weekly pick-up of our garbage through the services of Paintsville Utilities and Apple Valley Sanitation. How easy it is to put out the trash and have it disappear.
Sometimes we see big cities pictured on television with striking sanitation workers and the garbage piled high creating nesting places for rats and flies. How awful!
Kudos to our waste workers who are out there every day in good or bad weather giving us this wonderful clean environment! Thank them every day with a honk or a wave!
Jeanie Dorton

Letters to the Editor
Thanks to

Dear Editor,
On behalf of the Johnson County School System, I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone in the Johnson County community who donated their time, efforts and supplies to make the “Back to School Readifest” such a huge success. It is evident that we live in such a giving community filled with people who value the needs of children. You may never realize how much of a difference your generosity makes for students and families as they prepare for a new school year. Close to five hundred students attended Readifest and received school supplies from area businesses, cooperatives, churches, community agencies and civic clubs. Appreciation goes to Highland Church of Christ for hosting the event. A huge “thank you” goes out to Johnson County’s eight Family Resource/Youth Service Center Directors for working numerous hours to prepare for Readifest and ensuring the success of the event. So many more students will be prepared for the first day of school because of the support from our local community.

Shauna L. Patton
FRYSC District Liaison
Johnson County Schools

We have failed

Dear Editor,
“We the People of the United States, in Order to Form a more perfect Union,” have failed our founding fathers. The cesspool in Washington is undeniable proof of a less perfect Union.
It is a waste of words to select the derelict, corrupt content in the cesspool and label it either Republican or Democratic. Both parties have made equal contributions.
George W. Bush had a Republican majority in the House and Senate at his beck and call for his first two years in the Oval Office. Instead of cleaning out the cesspool with good and proper leadership, he wasted the opportunity on a “Mandate from God” that required him to spread democracy around the world. Besides the grievous human cost, citizens not yet born will have money withheld from their paychecks to pay for his misguided decisions that produced no intended consequences other than excessive profit in oil and military-related industries.
We the people reelected Bush.
Barack Obama had a Democratic majority in the House and Senate at his beck and call for his first two years in the Oval Office. Instead of cleaning out the cesspool with good and proper leadership, he squandered the opportunity on a health-care bill infested with arrogance, incompetence, illegalities, prescribed monopolies, multiple exceptions from compliance and other special privileges that were purchased with gross amounts of money from the private sector, and the Democrats passed the bill, “to find out what was in it,” with senatorial votes illegally purchased with tax dollars that will cost we taxpayers $1.2 billion over 10 years. He even promoted the bill with outright dishonesty. “You can keep your doctor....”
We the people reelected Obama.
Congress is top heavy with 60- to 75-year old multimillionaires who amassed their wealth on Capitol Hill. We can be certain their wealth came from the only source of real money, our personal bank accounts. In return, they gave us the aforementioned cesspool and added America to the endangered list.
We the people reelected and reelected and reelected the multimillionaires despite their gutter-low job performance rating that should have terminated their employment many years ago.
Moreover, we the people stood by and let truth, integrity, and honor lose their standing in Congress and the White House. The absence of those personal attributes created the cesspool, which is simply a breeding tank for petty differences that divide and will ultimately conquer our way of life. Those juvenile-like differences do not amount to a handful of pennies on the scale of things that really matter, i.e. “the certain unalienable Rights, ... Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”
In the whole world, only “We the People of the United States” have the power to overrule Wall Street, K Street, and the other corporate paymasters that control the “People’s House.” We the people can reinstate our democratic Republic without firing a shot, thanks to our founding fathers!
On November 4, 2014, will we the people make a last-ditch stand and hold the ground that was so nobly won by our ancestors, or will we vote for a name only and reelect the tainted status quo, again?

Shafter Bailey
Lexington, Ky.

Letters to the Editor
Appreciates library staff

Dear Editor,
I would like to take this time to offer the Johnson County Public Library a well deserved “thank you!’ I have spent a lot of time at the library for the past year using their services.
The library staff are, indeed, professionals from the “get go”! It can be a morning greeting or afternoon greeting but it is always on a first name basis. The staff will go beyond “the call of duty” to help you, instruct you and make you feel a part of the library family. I just wanted to personally thank them for their professional and down home approach to service.

B.J. Ward
Paintsville, Ky.

Letters to the Editor
Thank you June Rice

Dear Editor,
I want to thank June Rice, a retired teacher who writes a wonderful column for this paper and now lives in Louisville, for raising the question of whether President Obama should be impeached and for supplying some of the reasons for this question to be raised, in her column in the May 23 issue of The Paintsville Herald. She took a courageous stand in doing so and I applaud her. She cited a Mr. Hentoff, who is not easy to place as either a conservative or a liberal (look him up on Google), for you can find him taking positions that may be characterized as left, middle and right on the political spectrum. Ms. Rice also cited a professor Buechner and retired USN Commander J.D. Gordon who told of the unprecedented purging of our military leaders (I am sure it is those who disagreed with Obama’s leftwing policies) “a staggering 200 military brass has been shown the door in less than five years,” according to Ms. Rice’s quote.
As one who has studied constitutional law at all levels of education and taught it at the college/university level along with almost 40 years of teaching American history at the college level, I have to say that this president has evaded and disregarded the laws passed by Congress more than any president in my lifetime. There is always a struggle between the executive and legislative branches of government as well as with the judicial branch, and that is a normal part of the process designed by the Founding Fathers for the purpose of limiting the power of any one individual or branch of the federal government. However, this man, who is supposed to be a constitutional lawyer himself due to his training in that subject at Harvard University Law School, places himself above the law, arbitrarily dictating new laws through the control of the agencies which the executive oversees. And he has refused to enforce other laws which he decides he does not wish to implement. This wording sounds very much like the wording in the Declaration of Independence when it lists the transgressions of King George III of England!
The latest example of his law breaking is the trading of five Taliban terrorist leaders for Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl without obeying something signed into law by President Obama himself only a year ago which required that any terrorist released from the prison in Cuba at Guantanamo must first be announced to the Congress. Instead he chose to act on his own without that required 30 day announcement as required by law. The list goes on and on. The problem with impeaching and convicting this president is that the major media have made little out of his continual breaking of the constitutional limits of his power, and his party (the Democratic Party) is so completely controlled by the leftwing political element who agree with his political agenda that there would be no chance of conviction in the Senate where it takes a super-majority to convict and remove him. He knows this, so he acts with the arrogance and impunity which have been hallmarks of his presidency.
I think there is no chance of his impeachment, conviction and removal unless he commits even larger transgressions than he has so far or unless a “smoking gun” is found in the IRS scandal, though I think at this point it is entirely justifiable. There are several moderate to left-wing commentators like Hentoff who have begun to oppose him now, but unless that becomes a massive movement, Mr. Obama will continue to break the constitutional limits of power with little or no penalty except that which the Republicans are able to apply in the House and perhaps the Senate if they win back control of that body and if Senator McConnell, if he is re-elected, will gain some backbone and stand up to the president. This is exactly why I wrote to counter Ms. Rice when she earlier equated the House Republicans with children in school who refuse to go along to get along. I assume she has now seen the light! The only constitutional means of imposing some limits on this man’s dictatorial grab for power is to stop some of his attempts to pass laws that grant him extraordinary power to change our civil-social system (one that has made this the best nation to live in, in the world) or impeach and remove him from office. The other option, the overthrow of the government by force, is one that we all should shrink from for it would bring terrible chaos, death and destruction. As June Rice said in ending her column, let us all pray each day “God Save the United States of America” which as President Lincoln said is the last best hope of freedom on this earth. And let us each one become engaged in legally fighting to maintain that freedom from would-be dictators in every way possible before we lose it forever in this country.

Donald Barlow, Ph.D.
Staffordsville, Ky.

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