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Letters to the Editor
Summer camp success

Dear Editor,
During the week of June 22nd, we held the first Johnson County Sheriff’s Office Summer Camp. This camp was to provide a week of activities for Johnson County students between the grades of 4th-6th. Our goals were to ensure the kids had fun learning experiences; build friendships and become acquainted with the officers. We shared regularly that we had high expectations from the campers including staying school, making good grades and always saying no to drugs.
This camp was a huge undertaking that took much planning. Thanks to the following presenters that gave of their time and expertise. They made the camp a success.
Ryan Kimbler, Frankie Mechell Puckett, Kentucky Fish and Wildlife staff members - Kevin Frey, Mark Harless and Jason Russel, Corps of Engineers Resource Manager David Jackson, Jayd Rains of The Kentucky Reptile Zoo, Brenda Cockerham and the Oscar Artists.
We would also like to thank the following sponsors. Without their assistance, we could not have provided such a high quality camp with a low cost to the students.
Castle’s Roofing and Siding; Castle’s Cub Cadet; Sandy Valley Fastnerers; Barker Mobile Homes; DJ’s Pizza; McDonald’s of Eastern Kentucky; Food City of Paintsville; Paintsville Rotary Club; and Rite-Temp Refrigeration. Special thanks to Paintsville Lake for the use of the shelter. Also special thanks to Fran Jarrell and the Paintsville Chamber of Commerce for the presenter bags.
I personally would like to especially thank Liz Meek, Lucinda Castle, Sherry Price-Clevenger, Ashley Martinez, McKenna and Morgan Pelphrey and Nancy for volunteering every day. Their willingness to volunteer was very much needed and appreciated.
Finally, I’d like to say that our first camp graduates. These students are outstanding examples of the quality of youth we have in our county. Johnson County Sheriff’s Office ‘All About Me’ camp graduates are:
Abby Blanton, Alexis Bentley, Alexis Hayden, Brandon Laney, Christian Wells, Constance Martin, Gloria Martinez, Jadalyn Colemire, Joel May, Jonathan Colvin, Kelley Shey Conley, Kelsey Bentley, Macy Bayes, Noah Estep, Noah Martinez, Ryan Rice, Sophie Younce, Tanner Castle, Tate Tackett and Tierzah ‘T” Salyer.
Thanks to the parents for their support and trust. We hope your children enjoyed coming to camp as much as we enjoyed providing it.

Sheriff Dwayne Price
Paintsville, KY

Letters to the Editor
Deceptions hatched

Dear Editor:

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” That quote from Sir Walter Scott should hang from the rafters of Congress and the White House like the championship banners in Rupp Arena. Deceptions hatched with lies in either building frequently cost blood and always squander tax dollars.
Examples: “Iraq has weapons of mass destruction.” That lie initiated an unjust war. “You can keep your doctor.” That lie produced a half-baked, health-care law and a tax-paid windfall for insurance and pharmaceutical companies. Lawmakers also coated that lie with added disgrace. They had to read their law to learn what they had said.
Moreover, money-indentured politicians, brainwashed pundits, and military generals constantly promote the most dangerous lie of all. “The world looks to America for leadership. If we don’t step forward, the world will disintegrate to shambles.” That lie has written a long history of needless bloodshed.
The overstated threat in the Middle East has never been and will never be a threat to America. Self-serving lies and our cowardly Congress pose the only real threats to our way of life. Politicians raise their right hands and swear that national security is their first priority and promptly become hypocritical liars. Eleven million illegal aliens confirm their hypocrisy, which puts legal citizens at avoidable and deadly risk 365 days per year.
If our elected politicians were genuinely concerned about America and her citizens, our southern border would be closed so tightly that a field mouse could not cross it in the dead of night. Instead, an ocean and eight thousand miles separate their border from Capitol Hill. Their paymasters, the makers of bullets and bombs, want it that way.
Only one power on earth is powerful enough to rescue America from profit makers and the flawed conduct of our elected politicians. Our electorate.

Shafter Bailey
Lexington, KY

Letters to the Editor
Thankful for facility

Dear Editor,
I’m writing this to say a BIG THANK YOU to Mountain Manor of Paintsville and their Transitional Unit. Our mom, Hester Bowling was recently hospitalized for 15 days and was left immobile due to loss of muscle tone after having been restricted by illness to the bed for so many days.
After leaving the hospital, she was taken to the Mountain Manor’s Transitional Unit to receive therapy at the facilities Therapy Department.
From the beginning of the registration process to the going home discharge, mom received the best of care and her needs were always met. The nurses in the unit not only took a professional but a personal interest in mom, the other patients and their families as well.
My family and I were kept abreast of her on-going improvements and we received a call anytime there were changes in her condition or treatment. We also had a consultation with the caregivers after she had been at the facility for a set number of days. After testing they detected that mom’s hemoglobin and iron were low so they sent her to Paul B. Hall for transfusions where the 3rd Floor Nursing Staff did an excellent job of monitoring her transfusions and working with Dr. Hardin, Mountain Manor and the local ambulance service for her transport back to Mountain Manor.
Mom is a 24/7 oxygen support patient with CHF and it was very important to us as well that her vitals were monitored in her room throughout the day on the floor of the unit and during therapy, too, and there were always provisions made to make sure she had her oxygen at all times. The staff made all efforts to make this experience the best possible for mom and our family.
There were group activities planned for everyday and she participated in several of those on the days she felt up to it. Mom and all patients were even given a menu which included various food items to choose from on a daily basis based on dietary guidelines. The folks in the therapy department worked with her at first daily and then twice per day to improve the muscle tone and get her back on her feet. She went from not walking at all upon entry to the facility to coming home on a walker after 30 days.
Not only is the staff very professional but the Transitional Unit at Mountain Manor itself is a lovely one and makes you almost feel like you are staying at a nice hotel. Additionally mom was allowed to have personal items in her room (even her own quilt) and this helped to provide comforts from home.
Mom is home now and she still has some health issues to overcome BUT SHE IS WALKING with the aid of her walker and we are hopeful that with time she will walk solo again.
Our county is fortunate to have Mountain Manor of Paintsville and its Transitional Unit and HATS OFF to a job well done by Administrator Emily Jones-Gray, Assistant Administrator Kathy Meadows, Dr. Hardin and the entire staff.
If I ever become immobile this is the place I will ask my family to take me!

Sheila Sparks
Hagerhill, KY

Letters to the Editor
Limit government power

Dear Senator McConnell:

I applaud Senator Paul’s stand on the Patriot Act now changed to the Freedom Act and his determination to limit the power of the government to collect and use that data at will. He is absolutely right to stand in opposition to this grant of power which may be used to persecute our citizens. Government is not to be trusted and that has been the position of our people from the founding of the Republic. You need to support that position also.
I understand the need to protect us from terrorists abroad and at home, but we cannot give up our freedom in doing so, or they will have defeated us by turning us into a police state. You would do well to work on ending the flow of illegal aliens into this country to help stop terrorism here. Who knows how many of those are terrorists that now live in our midst. This must be addressed now, even if it means a real fight with this president! Our borders must be secured.
Concerning the trust of the government issue, one only has to look at the abuse of power by the Obama administration through the IRS and its selective harassment and even persecution of conservative organizations to understand that the founding fathers were right. As the great English historian, Lord Acton said, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Like Senator Paul and other real conservatives, you should be working to limit that power instead of assisting the perpetual growth of it.
I give you a final example of the reason government action cannot be trusted. It is the new revelation that the TSA failed 95% of the tests made to see if they could catch attempts to send bombs and weapons aboard planes! And that is after years of experience now and the spending of billions of dollars per year to train personnel and run that operation! Government must do some jobs like national security, but even in that their failure rate is terrible. We cannot trust them with extraordinary powers. That is the basis of a Republic like ours.

Donald Barlow
Staffordsville, KY

Letters to the Editor
Fracking Begins in Johnson County

Dear Editor,
Fracking has began in Johnson County! The first well is in the process of being drilled this week on Little Mud Lick at Staffordsville by EQT and it’s subsidiary company, Horizontal Technical Energy, according to the office of Marvin Combs in Frankfort.
I personally spoke with their office by phone at (502) 573-0140 (ask for Kim). Please give them a call to voice your opinion to oppose this damage to our community by asking them to not approve any more permits to frack here in Johnson County.
New York has already began banning the practice of fracking. It’s unknown what damage will be done to the environment, to the land and to the health of our people. Last October about 400 homes near Winterville, Ohio, were evacuated after a nearby fracking operation sprung a leak and began shooting invisible gaseous discharge into the air.
There is currently a new bill in front of the General Assembly that I will have more information on later this week. I have a link, but have not had time to read it yet, but will post it on Facebook later.
Please get on the Internet and read the DANGERS OF FRACKING, it gives a three-minute demonstration ( of the damage done to life and property.
Our Kentucky motto is “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”. Please show your support to protect the health of our people of the wonderful state by joining me along with 1,086,711 others across our great nation who are against fracking. My email is

Rosa Lee Pack
Hager Hill, Ky.

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