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Letters to the Editor
Thank you

Dear Editor,
The members of the Concord Independent Church would like to thank everyone that participated in our 5K race last week.  We thank our sponsors very much.  Last week, we accidentally left off a couple of names.  We would like to thank Capital Tire and Southeastern Beauty Academy for their donations.  Again, we thank all of our sponsors and participants for helping us out.  We hope to see you all again next year.

Rodney Triplett (Race Director)
Steve Rose (Pastor)

Letters to the Editor
Thank You

Dear Editor,
The Concord Independent Church, located in Hagerhill, held its first ever 5K run/walk this past Saturday at Paintsville Lake. The proceeds of the race will go into helping fund our Children’s Church Program. We had an incredibly beautiful day to have this wonderful event. We would like to thank all of the participants and volunteers that made this a very memorable experience. We would also like to thank our sponsors that made this a very successful event.
Larry Duty
John and Carol Triplett
Shawn Hall
Jones and Preston Funeral Home
Patty’s Green Florist
Blair’s Body Shop
Sandra Slone
Patco Pools
Porkey’s Pizza
Kentucky Rock Augers
Preston Funeral Home
Med Express Pharmacy
Pop’s Chevrolet
Danny and Frances Crace
US 23 N BP
Head Over Heels
Phelps and Son Funeral Home
Amy Loney
Advanced Auto Parts
Steve and Madonna Rose
Backwoods Construction LLC
Monogram Me by Leigh Ann Williams
We would also like to thank the Paintsville Lake State Park and the Corps of Engineers for allowing us to have the race. We were very excited with our first attempt of a race and can’t wait to do it again next year. Again, we thank everyone that had a part in our event.

Concord Independent Church
Rodney Triplett (Race Director)
Steve Rose (Pastor)

Letters to the Editor
Carson endorsement

Dear Editor:
Ben Carson, renown surgeon, was an intelligent, righteous, and perspicacious candidate for president.  He had earned his formal credentials and insightful affection for America in the trenches with sweat and effort.  Dr. Carson endorsed Donald Trump.
To ensure that all of Trump’s critics fully grasp the significance of that endorsement, I will define perspicacious.  The word means acuteness of perception, which has been the missing element in the trite criticisms of my support for Trump.
True, Trump makes mistakes.  His references to POW Senator McCain and physical appearances were wrong, and he lets competitors and interviewers draw him into petty exchanges that pundits subsequently exaggerate with false importance.
Trump’s mistakes, however, are forgivable.  Because he wants to make America great again, he entered a no-lies-barred arena without relevant training.  He had to sink or swim.  “Let the beginner who never made a mistake cast the first criticism.”
Bundle all his mistakes and pundit criticisms together and that package would have no value relative to his business acumen, complementary skills, and the decades-old corruption in the three branches of our government, which must be eliminated before America can be great again.
To perspicacious onlookers, Trump’s impromptu responses to his critics reveal three premium attributes.  His mistakes are honest, open to view, and he is a fighter.  We desperately need a president who will throw some elbows when justified and stick up for the best interests of America and Americans.
In Zoro, there is a pertinent statement.  Quote:  When the pupil is ready, the master will appear.”  America is ready and the master has appeared.  His name is Donald John Trump.

Shafter Bailey
Lexington, KY

Letters to the Editor
RAM Nation thanks you

Dear Editor,
Wow! What a fantastic week for the people and area of Johnson County and East Kentucky!
As a RAM Nation volunteer, I would like to thank the companies and people that I am aware of who assisted to create and help with the Chris Stapleton visit and concert.
A very heartfelt ‘thank you’ to RAM Trucks for sponsoring this event. I would also like to thank Jeff Summers, Head of Advertising for RAM Trucks; Christa Shaloub, RAM Brand Advertising and Eileen Wunderlich, Manager of Marketing and Communications for their presence and support of our town and this event.
Thank you to Ann Kingston, Coran Capshaw and Zach Peters of Red Light Management for the initial contact in January and their persistence to ensure the event was a success.
Thank you to Andre Gaccetta, Lauren White and Kris Marcy of G7 Entertainment Marketing for orchestrating the week’s events and ensuring that everything went smoothly.
Thank you to Paul Freundlich and Asha Goodman who were instrumental in publicizing the activities before, during and after the event.
Thank you Danny Clinch and associates for photographing Chris and Morgane Stapleton, the crowd, activities and our area.
Thank you to Tricia Steel, program director for the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation, for being on hand to present the $57,000 worth of musical instruments which were made possible by RAM Trucks and Chris Stapleton. A special thank you to Martina Lutz, JCHS band director, for introducing Chris before the concerts.
Thank you to Bosch Tools for supplying many of the power tools and equipment used to construct the ‘Golden Eagle Stage powered by RAM Trucks.’ Thank you to Terry Bowling’s carpentry students at JCHS for working alongside John Thompson, general contractor, and several volunteers to construct the stage that was built and dedicated in honor of Chris. Subcontractors and suppliers who assisted were Scott Blanton of Blanton’s Concrete; Bobby Spradlin of BS Electric; Joe VanHoose of FS VanHoose Lumber Company and Tim Hall of American Electric Company.
Thank you to Johnson County Schools Superintendent, Tom Salyer, for his leadership and direction on this project. Thank you to Russell Halsey for coordinating activities at JCHS; to the entire maintenance and janitorial staff for all their help and especially to the students, teachers and administrators for making this such a special homecoming for Chris and Morgane.
Thank you to Jane Streeter from Streeter Film for coordinating the filming locations and to the area business that opened up their doors for filming. Thank you to Sheriff Dwayne Price and his staff as well as the Paintsville City Police for the security they provided throughout the week. To Darl Music and the staff of the Ramada Inn for their hospitality. And thank you to Angie’s Catering for providing such great food at all events.
Thank you to the following RAM Nation volunteers: Chessi Price, Brandon Pack, Larry Stacy, Mitchell Pack, Jim O’Bryan, Tom Hutchison and Curtis Music.
A huge thank you to the very talented Chris Stapleton and his lovely wife Morgane for sharing their time and music and, most importantly, for coming back home and allowing us to share in this event with you.
Last of all I would like to thank the late Herb Stapleton and his wife Carol for raising three fine individuals (Herb, Chris and Melanie) and teaching them the value of family, hard work, community and never forgetting your East Kentucky home.

Bob Hutchison
RAM Nation Volunteer

Letters to the Editor
UK basketball

Dear Editor,
To date Coach John Calipari and his staff have earned an A in recruiting and a B-plus in coaching.  This in-service refreshing lesson in fundamental basketball is presented for their perusal.
Basketball games are won with five players, not one or two who “take teams on their backs” as radio hosts observe without a shred of justification for that absurd statement.  Teams win team games, not individuals.
The late John Wooden, whose teams won 10 NCAA basketball championships and seven consecutively, said, “I prefer crisp passes that score baskets to individual moves, and I have little tolerance for the latter.”
Moreover, pass is the first option of the best basketball players, e.g. Jordan, Bird, Magic Johnson, and currently, Lebron James.  They were born with or acquired the wisdom in Coach Wooden’s quote, and that is what separates them from the massive crowd on the next level down.
In a recent interview, the interviewer attempted to give Lebron James credit for his triple double.  James quickly and wisely corrected him.  “My teammates set me up,” he said.  His teammates set him up.  In basketball vernacular, those are magnificent words.  They clearly reveal the pathway to championships.
UK has exited “March Madness” prematurely the last two springs due to “individual moves” produced by flawed decisions like those repeatedly demonstrated in the Indiana game.
In 2017, fewer “individual moves” and fewer individual decisions coupled with proper respect for “crisp” passes to teammates will take UK back to the Final Four, and also earn the coaching staff an A in coaching.

Shafter Bailey
Lexington, KY

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