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Letters to the Editor
Thank You

Dear Editor,
Beefin’ It Up was a huge success this year! We wish to thank Gary and April Davis for the use of their farm, Hutch Chevrolet and McDonald’s for the use of the tent, Charolette and Rocky Caudill for preparing the chili and craft samples, the FCS Council for beef demonstrations, O’Dell Pyles for the beef jerky, Wilma Eldridge with Wilma’s  Restaurant for the Swedish Meatballs, FCS Extension SNAP-Ed Assistant Elaine Burton and volunteer Chris Burton for the beef and sweet potato stew, Sharon Castle for the painting demonstration, Don LeMaster for the pony rides, Katie Cantrell and her parents Bryan and Crystal for showing cattle and a rabbit, The Highlands Beef Cattle Association, The Kentucky Beef Council, 4-H Youth Development program assistant Valerie LeMaster for the pumpkin decorating festivities and volunteer Keith LeMaster for help with packing and cleaning up, Johnson Central FFA/Tim Kirk, Chuck Wetzel and students, the sales vendors, participants in the slow tractor competition, Teresa O’Bryan for working registration, musicians Danny and Chris Davis and Shannon Boggs with the bonfire. We appreciate everyone attending and all who helped create this family fun event and for supporting the local beef industry. 
Brian Jeffiers, Agriculture Agent,
Dianna Reed, 4-H and Youth Development Agent,
Brenda Cockerham, Family and Consumer Sciences Agent,
and the entire Johnson County Extension Office staff

Annexation Concerns

Dear Editor,
I am writing to express my concerns on the non-consensual annexation proposal by the city of Paintsville to annex approximately 259 acres of residential properties, businesses and other property along portions of US 23, RT 1428, RT 825, RT 321 and Dawkins Trail Bed. Generally, select areas in Hager Hill.
I can see no justification for the annexation. In my opinion this is a move to increase revenue to a city body that cannot maintain a financially sound budget. The General Fund received revenues of $5,476,485.00, as reported in June of 2014, to support a population of 3,459 residents, 2010 census.  Is that not enough? Perhaps the city leaders need to run the city like a business and focus on making the current city boundaries financially sound and attractive to new growth instead of increasing its coffers by attacking county properties that already are burdened enough. This annexation does not offer anything financially supportive for the concerned properties, only a larger financial burden. The proposed annexed Hager Hill areas did not create the current condition the city finds itself in and even with the annexation the residents still have no vote in city politics. This proposal is of no benefit to my company and I can see no benefit to most of the surrounding business and property owners. 
Although this action is legalized by the state statute KRS 81A.410, it is one-sided and unfair. The 259 acre mass is broken up into selected and specific properties, properties that are already developed. An area that has already picked itself up after devastation from a tornado and recent flooding, still thriving even with loss of jobs due to the decline in the mining industry, an increased county school tax and increased insurance premiums.
This annexation would allow new tax burdens consisting of, but not limited to, an additional $.187/100 on the real estate assessed value, a 9.2% insurance premium tax, and a $0.1148/hundred motor vehicle tax. If you are employed in the city you are also required to pay a 1.25% occupational tax on your gross earnings. All these taxes are payable to the city of Paintsville above and beyond the existing state and county taxes currently required.
Business owners will also feel a new and heavier burden. Based on my current assessed value, Atlantic India Rubber Co. will be required to pay $981.75 in real estate tax, $1643.88 in tangible tax, along with the same requirement on insurance premiums and motor vehicle taxes. The occupational tax will also apply to working owners, not only on salaries but on any annual revenues/profits. Most business owners are already struggling to pay current tax obligations while offering better than average salaries and benefits to their employees. I can honestly say if the proposed annexation is adopted Atlantic India will close business in its current location and relocate and/or possibly be sold.
The KRS.81A.410 allows for consensual annexation, if any person and or business would like to be annexed, then I would suggest that they approach the city and let them know. If they can pick and choose properties to annex, it shouldn’t be a problem. This business definitely DOES NOT.
As stated in the beginning of this letter, the city is perfectly within its rights to attempt this nonconsensual annexation, allowed by our State Law. This could happen anywhere in the state of Kentucky.  Please contact your local, county and state representatives and ask them to rewrite this law to protect county businesses and properties. Cities should not be allowed to use this law as a means of increasing revenues to pay for poor spending. I cannot believe that was the intent.
Irene Morris
Co-Owner: Atlantic India Rubber Co.
Hager Hill, KY

Letters to the Editor
Paintsville City Council plan to annex parts of Hagerhill

Dear Editor, 
I attended my first city council meeting on Monday, after finding out about the annexation plan just minutes before the meeting. There were very few Hagerhill residents at the meeting, probably because news of this annexation plan was kept secret.
It is shameful that the Paintsville City Council did NOT provide any notification to the public of their plan to annex parts of Hagerhill to Paintsville. When asked at the meeting why just annex (mainly) the business area, Mayor Porter said, “for tax purposes.”  Those in the affected area would be subject to additional city taxes (property, payroll, business, utility, etc.).
At the meeting, the council was asked why NO PUBLIC NOTICE was given of the annexation plan. Mayor Porter’s response was to close the discussion. 
Is this how Paintsville governs? The council plans (in secret) and votes on agendas. AFTERWARD, they inform the public. We should not be subjected to Washington style tactics. Every member on that council that knew of that plan BEFOREHAND and said NOTHING should be ashamed. Apparently, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” are merely meaningless words to them. However, their actions speak very loudly.
This city can’t live within its means, so they intend to take the means of others.
The next Paintsville City Council meeting is currently scheduled for Monday, November, 9th at 6:00 p.m. at the Paintsville Recreation Center. Hagerhill business owners and residents are urged to attend.
Donna Butcher

Big Sandy Broadband

Dear Editor,
In the 54 years we have offered cable television service throughout the Big Sandy area, we have seen extraordinary changes in our business. We began in 1961 and today, through a continuing investment in technology and our dedicated work force, Big Sandy Broadband features advanced broadband services including cable channels and internet service to our customers.
Our goal is simple: We want to offer our customers dependable access to advanced video, broadband services and content choices at a reasonable price. And, in the Big Sandy area, we want to continue to meet our customers’ technology needs today and in the future. We hear from customers all the time – whether we’re pumping gas, at a meeting of the Chamber of Commerce, or even at a school event.
Recently, we have been in negotiations with AMC Networks, owner of networks such as AMC, WE tv and IFC, for renewal of our contract to offer you their networks. TV providers, such as Big Sandy Broadband, negotiate agreements with cable and broadcast networks for a fee per channel per month per customer for their programming. The fees that providers pay for these networks account for the bulk of monthly cable bills. In the past, these fees were set in private business negotiations and customers rarely knew those negotiations were taking place. But in recent years, those negotiations have become more public as cable networks tried to leverage the popularity of their programs to demand unreasonably high fees.
Our goal is to protect our customers from significant programming fee increases but that has become increasingly difficult when programmers demand an increase that’s two, three, and even 10 times more what they’ve ever received before – and all for the exact same channels. When these huge corporations such as AMC Networks make these unprecedented increases in monthly fees, we believe it’s our responsibility to take a stand.
We are in active talks with AMC Networks over the amount they want to charge for Big Sandy Broadband AMC, WE tv and IFC.  AMC Networks is demanding a rate increase that is 80% more for the same exact networks, and are using the strength of AMC to push for higher rates and more subscribers for their less-popular channels, including BBC America, BBC World and Sundance Channel. We believe their demands are excessive and not based on viewership or what the average American household budget can afford. As your local hometown TV provider, we are on your side in the fight against outrageous network fee increases.
In any contract negotiation, there is a “give and take” between the parties, but when working with mega media companies like AMC that own cable networks, we find they are demanding far more gives – we have to give more money, give more distribution, and give more space for channels customers don’t need or watch. We are often required to “bundle” cable channels that are highly viewed with additional networks that are unpopular or are simply a mix of the same shows available on other networks owned by the same programmer.
We want our customers to know that we will continue airing all of AMC Networks’ channels and AMC will continue to get paid for its programming during the negotiations. However, AMC Networks may initiate the decision to terminate their network signals – something they can’t do until our current contract expires on December 31. They are apparently OK with disrupting their viewers’ enjoyment of their networks in pursuit of their goal to extract fee increases.
We also want our customers to know that AMC’s lone hit show, The Walking Dead, will be on break at that time: the first half of the season will end on November 29, and the second half will kick off in February, 2016 – so our customers will NOT miss any new episodes.
We’re working to resolve these differences and believe that it’s important to explain to our customers the real story behind these changes.  We welcome our customer to join the conversation and to learn more at

Paul Butcher
Big Sandy Broadband
West Van Lear, KY

Letters to the Editor
Don’t drink and drive!

Dear Editor,
Since it is against the law to drink and drive, I think there should be tougher laws for drivers who still drink and drive and that the judges should enforce these laws. Bars and restaurants that sell alcohol should have to stop selling beer and liquor one or two hours before they close.
When a person is pulled over for drinking and driving, we could also have fines for the other adults that are in the vehicle. They are often the ones that are urging the drunken driver to get behind the wheel. If someone was robbing a bank and there were other people in the get-away-car, they would be charged too because they were an accessory to the crime. If the other adults knew that they would get in trouble too, maybe then they would call someone sober to drive them home.
When a person is pulled over for drinking and they have a small child in their car, they should also be charged for endangering the life of a minor. We may have some of these laws already on our books, but they are Not being enforced the way they should. Drinking and driving is a crime, and it is time that we take it serious because too many people are dying needlessly!
Sis. Tammie Lykins
Advocate for the Children

Story Patch

Dear Editor:
Another season of “The Story Patch” is over and if you missed it.....well I hope you keep “The Story Patch” in mind for next year. Stories collected from people in this county and across the area are kept alive by some amazing community actors. Thank you Terry Salyer, (Actor and Director), Linda Weddington, Lyndsey Childers Weber, Lincoln Kilgore, Andrew Wright, Katie Sexton, Maeve Tipton, Rhonda McCarty-Tipton and Amanda Hansford for being in The Story Patch for the last two years! Also Robin Renee Blanton, Grayson Arnett, Dawson Helton, and Jamie Marie Kestner for joining this talented group of actors. Their talents, dedication and support has been amazing!
Thanks to Steve Sexton, Michael Hall, Cynthia Blair, Bambi Phillips, Emily Baldridge, Evelyn Deboard, Norma Burchett, Lynda Hill, Peggy Adams, Sharon Hackworth, parents, grandparents, and other volunteers that gave of their time to make this production a success. Thanks to Rev. Terry Lykins and his staff at New Hope and James and Barbara Lemaster at Bread of Life. A very special thank you to Lee Weddington and Sean Whiteing for coming to our rescue at the last minute. You did a great job!!!! Thanks to Brenda Cockerham, Russell Honeycut, and the Mtn. Home place for letting “The Story Patch” share it’s story with 500 students. I hope I didn’t forget anyone but if I did, please forgive me and know that your help in this production was very much appreciated.
We need volunteers but without our sponsors, we could not have this production each year. The following sponsors have our sincere appreciation!!! (Corporate) RT 23 Cultural Heritage Network, Inc.; O.S.C.A.R. (Platinum) Johnson County Cooperative Extension Service; Payne and Vicki Rice; Paintsville Kiwanis; Paula and Kelly Conley. (Gold) Around Paintsville; McDonald’s of East KY; Paintsville Herald; Paintsville Rotary. (Silver)F.S. Vanhoose; Dr. Gregory Coleman, DDS; Highland’s Foundation. (Bronze) 1st Choice Realty; Bocook Engineering; Broadway Printers; Foothills; Jones & Preston Funeral Home; Leslie Equipment; K-lite 94.7 WKLW; WSIP; Ward Signs & More. (Friend) Fred & Stella McCarty; Georgia & Perry Music. (Patron) Daniel’s Law Office; Fannin’s Plumbing; Hair Art; and Tackett Tire.
If you have a story to tell or would like to be a sponsor, send stories or checks to CHN, P. O. Box 91, Oil Springs, KY 41238. “The Story Patch” is housed under Rt. 23 Cultural Heritage Network, Inc., a 501 (c) (3) public charity organization, therefore all donations are tax deductible.

Vicki M. Rice, President
Rt 23 Cultural Heritage Network, Inc. and The Story Patch

Letters to the Editor
Feelings on local issues

Dear Editor,
Please allow me to use your paper to express my feelings on some local issues that have occurred recently:
First of All—thanks to City Council Member Sara Blair for taking it upon herself to go to visit US Congressman Hal Rogers at his office in Washington, D.C. Councilmember Blair did this strictly to help our citizens affected by the Carter Lane (soon to be disaster) project and she traveled there and back at her own expense. I think she has gone above and beyond and our citizens should commend her for this. When you see her, give her a well deserved pat on the back!
Secondly— I would like to thank the following City Council Members that voted NO on the recent attempt to raise the property tax and extra burden on the citizens of Paintsville :
A. Bill Mike Runyon
B. David Vanhoose
C. Sara Blair
D. Tommy Trimble
E. Jim Meek
I particularly liked what Council Member David Vanhoose said “that the citizens of Paintsville had seen their taxes raised 10 percent since April.” With the recent increase in the City Occupational Tax and the economy like it is we need elected officials in office that accept the responsibility of looking out for the citizens. Good Job—-Thank you again!
Third— Thanks to City School Board Members Eddie Hazelett and Matt Williams for voting NO on the recent attempt to raise the city school tax again this year. Unfortunately the other Board Members voted Yes on the tax increase and it passed. A little hard to take after raising the taxes last year. Good Job Eddie and Matt! Thanks!
Finally—I want to thank Judge Tucker Daniel, Commissioners Kathy Adams, Daren Gamble, and Paul Daniels for voting NO on the recent attempt to raise the Johnson County Property Tax. Thanks to each of you for keeping this extra burden off of all the residents of Johnson County. In conclusion, I would like to ask everyone that reads this to remember the elected officials that are watching out for the people and not just arbitrarily vote to put burdens on us when there are other measures available to them. You mission should be to take care of the voters not the political whims of a certain few. Those of you that voted to tax us more should be ashamed and everyone should remember you on election day. I certainly will!!

Bob Dixon
Paintsville, Ky.

Run for the Son

Dear Editor,
I am writing this letter on behalf of the Riceville New Bethel Free Will Baptist Youth Group. We would like to take this opportunity to thank God for blessing our youth group with an amazing first annual Run for the Son 5K walk/run. Our race was held on Saturday, Sept. 19, on the Dawkins Line Rail Trail. We had well over 100 people in attendance and 80 participants in the race.
We want to say thank you for all those who took time out of their Saturday to fellowship with us by volunteering to help or by participating in the race. Our youth group appreciates each and every one who helped make it such a success. We also want to give a special thank you to all the businesses and people who made a donation; Big Sandy RECC, Barker’s Mobile Homes, Giovanni’s of Prestonsburg, Auto Glass of America, Shawn’s Gun and Pawn, Lynn Schmitt, State Farm Insurance, Paintsville Dairy Queen, J & H Feed & Tack, Capital Tire, Modern Electric Contractor, Tony’s Septic, Thrive from Kara Powers, Thrive from Nicole Caudill, ABC Family Chiropractic, John and Wendy Chaffin, Broughton’s, R & L Paving, HMC Service, Lana Hughes, Travis Tackett, Black Barn Produce, Fred and Easter Blair, and Joyce Blanton.
With the success and fun from our first Run for the Son 5K, we are hoping to make it an annual event. Once again we appreciated everyone who helped in any way and may God bless you.

Melissa Griffith
Riceville New Bethel Youth Group
Riceville, Ky.

Letters to the Editor
Progress for Paintsville

Dear Editor,
Progress for Paintsville - that was the slogan for the sale of liquor in Paintsville.
From what I’ve read and heard, our city’s broke.
Here’s an idea that would increase our city’s income. Add $.20 to every shot of whiskey, can/glass of beer, wine, or any kind of alcoholic drink. Add $1.00 to every case of beer.
It might cost those who drink a little, but it’s PROGRESS for PAINTSVILLE.
This add-on money would go directly to the city.

Marvin McFaddin

Sep 30, 2015, 07:41

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