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Letters to the Editor
VFW Post builds shelter for homeless veterans

Dear Sir or Madam:
In existence since 1946, the Walter Karr Bowling VFW 5839 continues to find ways to help our veterans. The Post has helped with utility bills, groceries, funeral bills, car repairs, wheelchair ramps, and housing and the list could go on and on. By means of our Bingo and local donations this assistance has been made possible.
In the last couple of years, it has come to our attention, that for some reason or another, veterans have come to our mountains from all over the country, and with our local homeless veterans, have taken shelter under bridges, in abandoned houses, and in hollows. These veterans that are homeless have either given up on life or have had circumstances beyond their control, such as losing their home by fire or other disaster, or the loss of their job. According to today’s statistics, 22 veterans commit suicide daily.
The post has decided to take it upon itself, with the help of the community and other organizations, to construct a ‘one of a kind’ emergency shelter. This facility will not only give shelter and a hot meal, but if the veteran wishes, we will provide them with all the necessary paperwork for medical, benefits, obtaining a job, and permanent housing. It will also let them know that there are others who care and that they have a friend that is willing to give them a hand up, not a hand out.
Phase one is completed with the purchase of the property, landscaping, relocation of all utilities, the ordering of a 6,000 square foot steel building, and the payment of the architect. Our goal is to have the facility up and operational no later than spring of next year. Phase two is completed with the building of the steel structure, obtaining financing, materials and getting volunteers to help construct the wood structure inside the steel frame. We are now in phase three, which will be to install all necessary electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling, sprinkler system and security system that will protect the facility from theft and fire. Phase four will be to hand drywall, doors and windows, install toilet facilities, and install appliances, furniture and floor coverings and paint.
This facility is designed to house 20 veterans or 10 families, with a common area where local veterans can congregate and socialize by watching television, playing cards, or using a computer while having coffee and eating a doughnut. The facility will be operated by veterans without any assistance or regulation from the government, this way we are not restricted on who we can assist.
Any assistance in raising funds or supplying materials for this very needed project will be greatly appreciated. All donations are tax deductible and can be made to the VFW post as a construction donation.
Calvin Howell, Project Manager
Garrett, KY

Letters to the Editor
Media can no longer be trusted

Dear Editor,
We’re all witnessing the great spectacle of Liberalism melting down in the wake of an election where the voters returned the balance of power to the people.
The biased media used what little credibility they had left in an effort to prop up a candidate whose policy positions reflected only the rich, super elite, at the expense of America. With the realization that we have actually vastly improved our lot in life, voters are reassured their instincts were correct, and those folks who preached a big government philosophy are seething with rage at being proven wrong.
Since the media can no longer be trusted, it is incumbent upon all of us to remain in the know, as the media will now only double down. They will try every deceitful trick to mislead honest, hard-working Americans, and we must remain ever vigilant to always recognize their bias.
And it’s not just spinning news stories to help Democrats, they’re embedded in pop culture and education. Read one of your kids’ textbooks sometime and you’ll see the propaganda immediately.
They don’t worry that their view has been rejected, again. Liberals will never stop trying to push their control on us. Don’t let them.
Bill Marshall
Midway, KY

Letters to the Editor
Thanks be to God for sparing us

Dear Editor,
There must be a few righteous people left in our nation, for we have been spared. We have been spared from four more years of the turning from God, corruption and general decline of the U.S., both at home and abroad.
Progressives (big government socialist/communists), now disguised as the national democrat party, took this nation to the precipice over the last eight years, and Hillary would have pushed us over during the next 4, if she had been elected.
President Obama wanted Hillary elected to preserve his legacy. What will Barack Hussein Obama’s legacy be? Following is what the legacy of record should be.
The president abandoned Israel in favor of islam, a religion seeking to destroy both Israel and the U.S. Through the Iran nuclear deal, the president gave Iran a path to a nuclear weapons program, where the weapons will be used against Israel and the U.S., and $2 billion to fund global terrorism. The president opened our country to unvetted middle-east islamists, then he is putting these unwanted migrants into unsuspecting communities without notifying the local governments. Islamists do not assimilate. Islamists come into a community to dominate, then bring the infidel to allah; domination is required by their religion. The president, raised muslim, supports the islamization of our Christian nation.
The president destroyed businesses through over regulation, thus destroying jobs. The president threw out our Christian morality and brought us gay marriage, and he opened public girl’s restrooms and shower rooms to the acts of perversion by boys and men. The president dramatically weakened the military both financially and through the implementation of perverse and unwanted social engineering programs in the service community. The president condoned the Hillary corruption of the State Department through the Clinton pay-for-play financial gain scheme. The president knowingly jeopardized national security by emailing confidential information to Hillary on her unsecured email and server account. The president turned the nation against our community protectors, while jeopardizing their lives, through his ridicule of the police, while supporting BLM from his bully pulpit. The president has divided our population according to financial, religious and racial lines. The president doubled our national debt by increasing individual government dependence. The president opened our borders and invited millions of illegals into our country and onto the welfare rolls, along with the tragic acts of crime and violence perpetrated against our citizens by these illegals. The president gave billions of tax dollars to failed “green” businesses because he sided with the false “manmade” global warming agenda, and the resulting irrelevant manmade solutions pushed by his party, the current education system, discredited science and the financially supporting elites. The president gave away military gains made in Iraq and Afghanistan by pulling troops out prematurely.
The president corrupted the IRS in his party’s targeting of conservative groups. The president corrupted the Justice department in not prosecuting immigration law violations while supporting sanctuary cities. The president corrupted both the DOJ and the FBI in the handling of the Clinton email scandal. The president corrupted the Department of Homeland Security by not calling out “radical islamists” as the perpetrators of attacks in America. The president corrupted the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency by not permitting them to round up illegals for deportation, both at the border and those found internal in our country.
Then there is Obamacare. The president lied to the American people about his namesake program. His lies were evidenced by email and video releases from his architect of the Obamacare law. The architect was caught on an undercover video stating that we, the American people, to paraphrase, were too stupid to see the reality of this law, while the democrat House and Senate leaders said we had to pass the law to find out what was in it. Well, now we know.
What will Barack Hussein Obama’s legacy be? His legacy should be that America came to its senses after eight years of decline under his deplorable leadership. What did we expect from a Chicago community organizer?
One positive Obama legacy should have been his improving golf game, however, those who golf with him say his game has not improved over time. You would think he would qualify for the senior tour after eight years of golf every day, even during national crises.
Thanks be to God for sparing us another four years of Obama’s legacy. May the new leader ask for, and be given, divine guidance for the direction of our nation. I will be praying that the new president will get our nation back on track during the next four years for an enduring, positive American legacy.

Michael Whitten
River, KY

Letters to the Editor
Abortion is murder

Dear Editor,
Can you handle the truth? Late term abortion is murder. A politician, regardless of their party affiliation, that wants to pass a law, or appoint Supreme Court Justices to make it legal to perform late term abortion wants to make it legal for a doctor to murder helpless little babies.
These little babies would live, and be healthy babies if their little heads weren’t crushed by forceps, or a large needle jabbed into their brain or neck. It takes a cold-blooded psychopathic murderer to crush a little baby’s head, or jab a needle into their little brain and kill them.
Anyone that votes for a person, regardless of their party affiliation, knowing that they are going to make it legal to murder little babies, is as guilty as the politician, then you are literally signing your name on a document saying, “It’s okay, go ahead and murder these helpless little babies.” That makes you as guilty as the politician that gets the law passed allowing little babies to be murdered.
I’m a combat veteran. I fought for freedom. I did not fight for the freedom to murder little babies. I fought for the freedom to protect these helpless little babies from cold-blooded psychopathic murderers that want to crush their little heads with forceps. Think about it. Can you handle the truth?

Lannie Ray,
combat veteran
Varney, Ky

Letters to the Editor
Happy Veterans Day

Dear Editor,
There are two important days this week on my personal calendar. The Marine Corps birthday, November 10, and Veterans Day, November 11.
Though my service was a half century ago, my adult life was formed and shaped in the Marine forge, and then honed on a course, then fine grit grinder to razor sharpness. God, Country, Corps. Semper-fi to all Marines.
Physical endurance, High pain tolerance, Total submission to authority, Honesty, Integrity, Tenacity, Self-reliance, Decisive decisions; these traits did me well as I made my way along the winding path of life. And, then to know that I am one of the chosen to guard the streets of Heaven, as my brother before me. November 10, Happy Birthday to the Corps!
Veterans Day is November 11. As a veteran, I will be celebrating Veterans Day performing flag folding ceremonies at several locations. I am a member of Disabled American Veterans, Chapter 18, serving the local area. We perform the honor guard services for the deceased veterans. Since I joined the DAV in May, I have felt no greater personal satisfaction than being part of the honor guard service that provides not only last respects to local veterans, but also, we are there to comfort the family.
I am honored to be part of DAV, Chapter 18, and honored to serve with a great group of committed veterans, willing to give their time to honor those veterans who have gone before us.
To those veterans in the community who are willing to commit the time to give back, we are looking for new members to participate in the honor guard services. If you are interested in being a part of these honor services, and part of a great veteran’s organization, please contact Commander Ballard Shepherd, 606-889-8629. The DAV is open to any honorably discharged veteran, just need to provide a copy of the DD-214. Hey, they let me in. Happy Veterans Day!

Michael Whitten
River, KY

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