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Letters to the Editor
Kentucky State Fair

Dear Editor,
 Since 1902, people have traveled the Bluegrass State to come together at the Kentucky State Fair and celebrate being a part of our great Commonwealth, while discovering the very best of what it has to offer.
The Kentucky State Fair performs the delicate balancing act of honoring the state’s rich history and reflecting the ever-evolving lives of those who call it home. At the heart of the Fair is the celebration and recognition of agriculture and our roots as an agrarian state. With representative measures of both urban and rural, the event introduces visitors to the biggest, latest and most important achievements, accomplishments and advancements in agriculture, manufacturing, education, social and economic trends, and entertainment.
This year, an estimated 600,000 visitors will come through the gates of the Kentucky Exposition Center August 18-28 in search of a day they’ll never forget; one filled with extraordinary sights, smells, sounds, tastes, experiences and more. Nearly 1,000 Kentucky State Fair staff and event employees will be at the ready to ensure they receive it.
From the biggest pumpkin to free giveaways, games of chance to the grand champion steer, a blue-ribbon quilt to deep-fried derby pie, there is truly something for everyone at the Kentucky State Fair.
Stop by:
• Pride of the Counties and explore the unique story behind each county
• Health Horizons for free health screenings by medical professionals
• Coca-Cola Talent Classic to watch youth from across the state compete
• Gourmet Garden to catch cooking competitions and demonstrations
• Heritage Hall for bingo and a free cup of coffee for seniors
• 4-H and FFA to check out who’s raised this year’s champions
• Main Street Kentucky to interact with exhibits about education, government, environment and the arts
• Little Miss and Mister Pageant to cheer on winners from county fairs
• World’s Championship Horse Show to see 2,000 of the finest Saddlebreds, Hackney Ponies and Roadsters compete
• Performing Arts Showcase and be entertained by storytellers, musicians, comedians, singers and dancers
Plus there are games, rides and concerts that range from country to gospel, hard rock to hip-hop.   It’s easy to understand why the Kentucky State Fair spans eleven days – you need that much time to experience everything it has to offer.
Remember, it takes each one of us, and all of us together, to make the fair truly a state affair. Meet us at the Kentucky State Fair this summer, August 18-28. Your presence is requested, and required, to help make it what it is today -- the best state fair in the country.
Dr. Mark Lynn
Kentucky State Fair Board
PS: Additional details, including information about tickets, special days, discounts and free parking, can be found at the Kentucky State Fair website:

Letters to the Editor
Demonstrating leadership

Dear Editor:
Donald Trump did not defeat the GOP’s much-desired continuation of the status quo and his 16 competitors.  Common sense defeated them in spite of his stumbles.  Inexplicably, he continues to verbalize extraneous, trivial observations that serve only his critics.  Nevertheless, with respect to his demonstrated leadership and achievements, he still towers above Hillary Clinton.
For example, in eight years, Senator Clinton had three bills enacted into law.  Senate Bills 1241, 3613, and 3145 established a historic site, named a post office, and named a highway respectively.  To be fair and complete, her name is also listed among the co-sponsors of 74 similar, mostly inconsequential bills.
Still, Hillary’s years in the Senate and her four years as U.S. Secretary of State were outstanding--for her and Bill Clinton.  During those years, Wall Street and other business-related corporations paid them $153 million for speeches with no discernible worth.
Conversely, while Hillary and Bill were making worthless speeches in a noncompetitive environment, Trump was demonstrating exemplary leadership augmented with keen business acumen in the highly competitive worldwide business community.  Billions of honest dollars in his bank account and the paltry, quasi-honest $153 million in Hillary’s bank account and her well-known, deadly leadership failures express the effective difference in their leadership capabilities.  Moreover, Trump is not an FBI verified multiple liar who has since lied about lying.
Abraham Lincoln said, “You can fool some of the people all the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”  The latter time has come back into vogue, thanks to common sense!

Shafter Bailey
Lexington, KY

Needing your help

Dear Editor,
I am writing this to the descendants of Samuel R. Blair.
My name is Marvin McFaddin. Grandpa Sam was my great grandfather. My grandmother was Catherine Matilda Blair, the daughter of Samuel R. Blair.
I’ve been trying for a long time now to find a picture of my grandmother’s husband, George W. Blair. I would really appreciate it if some of you good kinfolk would get out there and find me that picture of my Grandpa Blair.
You can call me at 606-789-4301.

Marvin McFaddin
Paintsville, KY

Letters to the Editor
Thank You

Dear Editor,
On behalf of the Johnson County School System, I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone in our community who donated their time, efforts and supplies to make this year’s “Back to School Readifest” such a huge success.
It is evident that we live in such a generous community filled with people who value the needs of children. You may never realize how much of a difference your generosity makes for students and families as they prepare for a new school year.
Close to four hundred students attended Readifest and received school supplies from area businesses, cooperatives, churches, community agencies and civic clubs.
Our appreciation goes out to Highland Church of Christ for hosting the event. A huge “thank you” goes out to Johnson County’s Family Resource/Youth Service Center Directors for working numerous hours to prepare for Readifest, and ensuring the success of the event.
So many more students will be prepared for the first day of school because of the support from our local community.

Shauna L. Patton
FRYSC District Liaison
Johnson County Schools

Letters to the Editor
Paintsville High School “then”

Dear Editor,
I read with interest Lawrence Marsh’s letter to the editor entitled “Coal based economy faltering”. What drew my attention and interest was the first line of paragraph three: “Paintsville High School was a top school “then” as it is “today”. I don’t know about “today”, but I do know about “then”.
As a 1954 graduate of Paintsville High School, I too, second Marsh’s assertion! I thank educators like Principal Oren Teeter (he of the infectious laugh) as well as teachers Mrs. Wiley, Mrs. Archer, Miss McClafferty and others for the education I gained at PHS. That education has provided me with the educational background for not one, but two career choices. One as a 25 year insurance claim adjuster and two as a 34 year (and counting) Southern Baptist Pastor, graduating from Boyce Bible School of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville. I might add that prior to my employment of a claim adjuster, I had to take an aptitude test. I don’t know how many applicants did so, but I was later told that I had achieved the top score. Thank you PHS!
To the current PHS students, I advise you to take all the courses you can because one never knows what he or she will need in life. While at PHS, I took all the required courses I could the first three years with the idea of “skating” my senior year. I then took typing, speech, and drama classes thinking I’d never use them. But, just consider my two careers that required (you guessed it) typing, speech and some drama!
In an age when it is reported that so many high school grads cannot read, write, ignorant of American history, and cannot find the United States on a world map, I am so grateful PHS for providing me with that ability. I am so grateful!

James R. Butcher
Wheelersburg, OH

Letters to the Editor
Misquotations, petty phrases exaggerated to false stature, half-truths, and outright lies

Dear Editor,
In the arena of genuine importance, the misquotations, petty phrases exaggerated to false stature, half-truths, and outright lies that Hillary Clinton, other politicians, and pundits have attributed to Donald Trump equate in total value with a 3-dollar bill.
With reference to our insane debt ($19.3 trillion), insane interest bill ($229 billion in 2015), 50 million citizens living in poverty, the increasing numbers of working poor, the vanishing middle class, and our profit-driven, calamitous foreign policy, the latest Trump put-down was a sterling endorsement in disguise, and it also contained indisputable justification for voters who wish to cast an intelligent vote in November.
The usual put-downers reported with relish:  “Trump only raised $1.3 million and Hillary raised $43 million.”  Honestly translated, that simply means Clinton is already selling out our “Oval Office” to big business.  If she dupes enough voters to win the presidency, profiteers with policy-making voices will have a say in “Our Office” and not one of them will be elected by “We the People....”
Currently, America is in the intensive-care unit and could be moved to hospice care any day now.  Hasn’t she suffered enough self-serving status quo, voters?  Only you hold the medicine that can restore her health.

Shafter Bailey
Lexington, KY

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