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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,
I know and like our Representative, Hubie Collins, and I believe he is a good and fair man. He has responded to me and been supportive of things I have asked of him, but I must say he is not telling the whole story in his huge columns each week of late. Like his Democrat Party colleagues, he is unhappy that Kentucky actually has a functioning democracy where the opposing party can win and then move in the direction they promised the voters they would go. Isn’t that terrible! The real issue for Hubie and the Democrats in the House is that they are almost a minority now, with the Senate and the Governorship in the hands of their opponents and there is a real threat that the House will be taken over by the Republicans too. That is totally unacceptable to the party which has normally run all things in Ky. and especially in the House where they have held control for who knows how long. It was said only 25 years ago that they would hold a party caucus, decide what they would do and then come out and do it while laughing at any attempt by the Republicans to add amendments or put forward bills of their own (no compromise there). Yet Hubie is now crying in his soft drink over the fact that Governor Bevin has done what he promised to do without making compromises that would bust the budget and increase the amount of debt Ky. already has. Shame on that evil, uncompromising Gov. Bevin (Speaker Stumbo has reportedly even called Bevin a “Devil” and perhaps worse-he sounds like Trump).
Representative Collins failed to tell you about the unfunded obligations that he and his colleagues compromised their way into, including the huge amount owed to state pension funds that Gov. Bevin vowed to begin to pay on. He has done that in this budget with about a 10% down payment on that obligation which the Dems. Failed to take care of under the former governor. I think that is a figure of around $27-30 billion just for the teacher’s pension fund, and it is ironic that Hubie, who is a retired teacher and I assume is drawing his pension, is unconcerned about putting in the state contribution to his own teacher’s pension fund. Now you may call that selfless but I do not. Most Christians like Hubie (I include myself in that group) believe in paying their debts, but instead he backed Speaker Stumbo’s crazy plan to borrow $3 billion through the sale of bonds to pay into the pension fund to keep it funded and to make money off of that money by investing it. That is borrowing money to pay for borrowed money and hoping that the markets will provide a good return. If you or I did that, we would be considered foolish and irresponsible. I think it is foolish and irresponsible when politicians do such a thing with our money too. So please, Representative Collins, tell the whole story!

Donald Barlow
Staffordsville, KY

May 25, 2016, 07:41

Letters to the Editor
Commend PHS Baseball Team

Dear Editor,
I just wanted to take a moment to commend the Paintsville High School baseball team and coaches. This past Saturday while at Russell Independent, your baseball team was given the opportunity to participate in our local Challenger League game. The Challenger League is a special needs baseball club supported by our local Little League. On Saturday, the Challenger League was invited to play a game on the high school field before the face off between Paintsville and Russell.  
The young men of your team served as “buddies” to some of these young people during the game, they interacted with them by giving high fives and dancing, and actively cheered them on during play. Your young men showed nothing but respect and compassion for these children. They are a class act. 
Please let the students on your team know how much I appreciate them for participating in this with happy hearts.
Thank you!
Amy McGuire
Director of Special Education
Russell Independent Schools

Letters to the Editor
Please Help

Dear Editor,
I’m still trying to find a picture of my grandfather, George W. Blair.
He was married to Matilta Catherine Blair, the daughter of Sam R. Blair and Mitilda Blair.
If you have any information, please call 606-789-4301.

Marvin McFaddin
Paintsville, Ky.

Letters to the Editor
Thank you

Dear Editor,
The members of the Concord Independent Church would like to thank everyone that participated in our 5K race last week.  We thank our sponsors very much.  Last week, we accidentally left off a couple of names.  We would like to thank Capital Tire and Southeastern Beauty Academy for their donations.  Again, we thank all of our sponsors and participants for helping us out.  We hope to see you all again next year.

Rodney Triplett (Race Director)
Steve Rose (Pastor)

Letters to the Editor
Thank You

Dear Editor,
The Concord Independent Church, located in Hagerhill, held its first ever 5K run/walk this past Saturday at Paintsville Lake. The proceeds of the race will go into helping fund our Children’s Church Program. We had an incredibly beautiful day to have this wonderful event. We would like to thank all of the participants and volunteers that made this a very memorable experience. We would also like to thank our sponsors that made this a very successful event.
Larry Duty
John and Carol Triplett
Shawn Hall
Jones and Preston Funeral Home
Patty’s Green Florist
Blair’s Body Shop
Sandra Slone
Patco Pools
Porkey’s Pizza
Kentucky Rock Augers
Preston Funeral Home
Med Express Pharmacy
Pop’s Chevrolet
Danny and Frances Crace
US 23 N BP
Head Over Heels
Phelps and Son Funeral Home
Amy Loney
Advanced Auto Parts
Steve and Madonna Rose
Backwoods Construction LLC
Monogram Me by Leigh Ann Williams
We would also like to thank the Paintsville Lake State Park and the Corps of Engineers for allowing us to have the race. We were very excited with our first attempt of a race and can’t wait to do it again next year. Again, we thank everyone that had a part in our event.

Concord Independent Church
Rodney Triplett (Race Director)
Steve Rose (Pastor)

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