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Kim Davis finally in jail

Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis was taken to jail on Thursday for violating the oath of her office and not upholding the Constitutional Rights set forth by a Supreme Court ruling.
By refusing to issue marriage licenses to both heterosexual and homosexual couples, Davis shirked the duties of her tax-payer funded position and attempted to circumvent the law by hiding behind her “freedom of religion.”
What Davis and others of her ilk fail to understand is that one’s particular religious beliefs, which they are welcomed to hold, cannot be imposed on others, especially via a position of power.
Others, who may believe differently than you, must be assured of their Constitutional Rights as well.
No one gets to cherry-pick the parts of their job they are willing to do and the parts they are not. If the duties of your job interfere with your conscious or beliefs, you are welcome to find a new job.
Kim Davis chose to go to jail and make herself a faux martyr to religious observation when, in fact, she was attempting to place her own beliefs on a higher plane than others and dictate the when, where, why, and how of the personal lives of tax-payers in her community.
Freedom of religion is a beautiful concept that has allowed America to flourish and become a melting pot of cultures and ideas. The right to worship as one sees fit and the right to hold one’s own opinion is one of the great parts of this “great experiment.”
America is the land of choice if it is anything.
The catch is that everyone gets to choose and protections must be in place for people who would be denied their rights based solely on one person’s voice and the beliefs that one individual deems worthy of respect.
Encountering conflict is how a democracy grows. We need a variety of opinions. We need a diverse set of voices. We need to civilly debate. At times, we will all be disappointed by the outcome of a governmental decision.
The bottom line is that Davis refused to do her job. The responsible thing to do to is to remove her from her approximately $80,000 tax-payer funded position for failing to serve the people, all the people, who fund her position.

Darts and Laurels

A laurel to Chief Bill Holbrook, Paintsville City Police officers and Mayor Bob Porter for reinstating the ‘Shop with a Cop’ event for the 2015 Christmas season. This event gives underprivileged children in the area a memorial Christmas experience.

A dart to the Rowan County Clerk for not doing what her position pays her to do. If your personal ethics are offended, then resign your position and let someone else come in who knows how to follow the laws of our country.

A laurel to Fast Change Oil and Lube who has joined forces with 107.9 WEMM FM Radio to collect care packages for deployed soldiers. No matter how hectic our own lives are we must remember that there are soldiers that continually fight for our and other countries’ freedoms.

A dart to the agencies and schools for the continuation of proposing the allowable 4% rate increase on real property and personal property. Needless to say in this economically declined area, we just can’t take another hit!

A laurel to Big Sandy Community Action program for hosting the Johnson and Magoffin County Community Health Fair that was held last Wednesday at the Paintsville Recreation Center. We appreciate all the health-related information that was provided.

Guest Editorial

Prez Trump?

By Jeff Vanderbeck
Appalachian News-Express

Donald Trump scares me. He doesn’t scare me because of his hair or his money, but because he is willing to put his neck on the line to say and do what’s right. If he does get elected, this country is in for major changes. And change is always scary.
The Republican Party is scared of him and the Democrats think he’s a joke. The Republicans are trying to get him off the ticket and the Democrats are trying to hide Hillary’s destruction of emails which may implicate her in wrong-doing in Benghazi. Both parties are scared of Trump and they should be.
This is not an endorsement, and frankly I don’t know if I can vote for him. What I do know is that for the first time in a long time there is a candidate who is discussing the tough issues that no one else wants to discuss. And he is not afraid of sharing his plans to change things. Other candidates tell us what we want to hear, but have no plan of action.
Trump is a brash blowhard who makes Gov. Christie look like an altar boy. But he speaks his mind and cares nothing about hurting feelings. I agree with him when he says that we have become too P.C. It seems like every time an opinion is stated, someone gets offended and files a lawsuit.
Trump is fed up with losing jobs to other countries while our economy plummets. He despises that illegal immigrants get immunity and better benefits than our own citizens and even our veterans. He is the first candidate who says he has a plan and tells what his plan is to remedy that issue.
He wants to deport all the illegal immigrants and have them enter this county legally. That is what our constitution calls for, opening our borders to all who seek freedom and allowing them to become citizens legally. No one has had the courage to demand that Mexico be accountable to the U.S. for the migration of illegals. The wall thing sounds great, and I don’t know if it will work. But he has a plan.
Internationally, he scares me. However, part of his plan may work. His plan is to cut off the money and go after the bad guys by wiping them off the face of the planet. That plan includes the use of high-powered weapons and troops on the ground. I agree with wiping the bad guys out. I don’t think it can be done in the fashion he proposes. But he clearly is not interested in negotiating with anyone who hates the U.S.
If elected, he will demand that countries in the Middle East which we have helped reimburse us financially for our services. With that money he will give back to the veterans and their families, not educate and support illegal immigrants. Veterans before illegals, what a concept.
So far from all the other candidates, we hear lip service: Politicians being politicians. No one is talking about solving problems. Trump is scary because if elected, he will either turn this country around back into prosperity or start World War III. Time will tell.

Darts and Laurels

A laurel to the Paintsville Tourism for entering into a loan to purchase the Stafford House. This “labor of love” as described by Tourism Council Member Bonnie Porter, houses a lot of history within its walls.

A dart to people who scam our seniors in the area. Scamming can include cybercrimes, mail fraud, reverse mortgages, identity theft, investment fraud and medicare fraud.

A laurel to the musicians that held the concert, “From the heart...A Bluegrass Story” last Sunday to benefit and bring some relieve to those affected by last months flash flooding.

A dart and a laurel to former teacher Robert Cantrell who recently plead guilty to charges involving child sexual offenses. We are continuously amazed and disappointed in adults in authority who take advantage of children and enter into inappropriate relationships. Shame on you!
But a laurel to Mr. Cantrell and his lawyers by entering a guilty plea and not wasting any more of the taxpayers dollars in a unnecessary trial.

Guest Editorial

Summertime, and the livin’s easy …

The Kentucky Standard

Well, maybe not for everybody these days.
A little more than a month ago, high school athletes across the county traded in their bathing suits for practice jerseys as they embark upon yet another busy fall sports season.
It’s a lot of hard work, all the conditioning and drills, and after five weeks of nothing but practices and scrimmages, it all starts to pay off this week with the launch of the 2015 prep seasons in soccer, volleyball, football, golf and cross country.
While the kids play for fun, it’s important to not only celebrate the big wins, but also the effort they put into getting ready to take to the fields, courts, courses and pitches.
Why’s that, you ask?
Because sports is a microcosm of the larger society. Through the course of participation in sports, student-athletes not only learn how to be better individual players, but also good team players.
The life lessons kids take away from participation in sports can come in the form of cooperation and teamwork, good sportsmanship, taking responsibility, coping with pressure and disappointment, sacrificing for the greater good, building a strong work ethic, and how to get along with others from different backgrounds, among many others.
All are important skills to have in your back pocket when you head off to college or enter the workforce, especially in a competitive job market. Learning those lessons now will give today’s prep athletes a leg up on their opponents with whom they’re fighting for jobs.
Most high school athletes will never don a uniform again after they graduate. The odds are overwhelmingly against any kid landing a scholarship to compete in college, and even fewer of those chosen few will have the chance to play professionally.
So, in that light, it’s important for us to enjoy them while they still have time left in their careers.
We tip our hats to our local prep athletes, and want to take this chance to honor them and celebrate them for all their hard work, as well as the thrills they provide us between the lines.
But the kids couldn’t do it without a strong support system, including coaches, boosters, trainers, administrators and fans. Especially the coaches, who put forth an inordinate amount of time — at very low pay — to not only transform our local athletes into great players and great teams, but also build them up to be strong, productive young men and women who will continue to make us proud long after they’ve hung up their jerseys.

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