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Early morning accident outs power in community

According to law enforcement officers, Gregory L. Hunter, 43, of West Van Lear, was reaching to retrieve his cell phone when his vehicle traveled off the roadway and struck two power poles in the West Van Lear area at approximately 8:30 a.m. Monday.
Johnson County Sheriff’s Deputy Terry Tussey reports that a total of three utility poles were damaged in the accident. “Two poles came down and were broken, with three transformers, and damage was done to a third pole,” Tussey said. According to reports, all three poles had to be replaced and utility services were out in the area for several hours after the accident.

Deputies retrieve fugitives from Ohio
Deputies from the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office traveled to parts of Ohio late last week to locate and take custody of two Johnson County fugitives.
According to Dep. Terry Tussey, George Green, 30, of Paintsville, and Zackary Jude, 28, of Lakewood, Ohio, were each picked up on April 10 and transported to the Big Sandy Regional Detention Center where they remained lodged as of presstime.
Green was located, Tussey said, in the upper Sandusky, Ohio area where he was arrested by Tussey. Green was wanted on charges of tampering with a prisoner monitoring device, second degree escape, public intoxication/controlled substances, and bailjumping.
Jude, who was taken into custody by Dep. David Pridemore, was picked up in Lorraine, Ohio, on charges of bailjumping and failure to appear.

From Paint Creek to Normandy — and back again
Approaching his 90th birthday this coming weekend, Elwood Ramey took a few minutes this past Wednesday to review memorabilia from his days as a World War II machinegunner. Pictured with him are his daughter, Charlotte, and son, Don.

it would be expected that the memories of one about to celebrate their 90th birthday would many and varied, filled with the usual childhood days of school and pranks and followed by adulthood reminisces of romance, work and family.
Elwood Ramey, of Paintsville, has many such memories — and more. A decorated veteran of World War II, Ramey was among the men that charged the beaches of Normandy on the never-to-be-forgotten D-Day in June 1944.
He recalls the oily film of the water’s surface — “it was all mixed in, gas and oil ... and dead bodies laying all in the water,” he added.
A member of the Fifth Infantry Division ETO (European Theater of Operations) “Red Diamonds,” Ramey also recalls being left alone to man an outpost overlooking a German camp. “I was tired and my commanding officer told me to go on and sleep awhile. Well, I did, and when I woke up, the others had all pulled out,” he said.

Lawnmower talk gets cut at Utilities meeting
The Paintsville Utilities Commission continued its discussion on purchasing a mower at its regularly scheduled meeting held Monday, April 7.
The commission held a special-called meeting in March to open bids for the new mower. After some discussion about which mower to choose, the commission decided they wanted to see how each of the mowers would perform on the terrain.
Concerned citizens came to the April meeting to voice their concerns over the commission purchasing a mower.
William Stumbo said he wanted to know if Utilities was putting money toward the purchase of a mower and if so, then shouldn’t they put money toward fixing the water lines in his area, instead. Stumbo said people in his area complain about low water pressure.
Angela Pelphrey said that she had called the golf course to ask who owned the property. She said that the Paul B. Hall Foundation owned the course, but the city collects the fees. She also said the person who answered the phone at the golf course laughed at her when she asked about the city purchasing the mower for the course since they collected the fees.
“It should be up to the city, not the Utilities Commission,” said Pelphrey.
Commission member Mitch Kinner made the initial motion to purchase the mower from Wolf Creek Company, in the amount of $36,716.60. The motion was seconded by L.B. Lemaster.

Local schools receive KEDC readiness grant
ASHLAND — Local schools will benefit from a grant for “College and Career Readiness” that was proposed by the Kentucky Educational Development Corporation (KEDC) and approved on April 6 by the Employment and Training Administration (ETA) with the U.S. Department of Labor, as announced on Monday.
Schools in Johnson and Lawrence counties will benefit from the grant funds, as will schools in Lee, Garrard, Casey, Middlesboro Independent, Pulaski, and Knox.
“We are ecstatic about the opportunity this grant affords us,” said KEDC CEO Nancy Hutchinson. “The Youth Career Connect program is designed to assist high school students to smoothly transition into the world of work. Our KEDC Board of Directors, comprised of over 60 local superintendents, commits itself to the long-term economic and social well-being of our Commonwealth.”

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