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Severe road damage in flood affected areas
Road crews have found extensive damage to bridges, asphalt, and culverts as they work to find ways to return traffic and water flow to more normal conditions.

By Sarah Hill
Staff Writer

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is urging motorists in flood affected areas to be aware of caution signs, bridge closures, detour routes, and road workers as they travel in the area.
Sara George, Information Officer for Highway District 12, confirmed that road crews are aware of flood-related damage on KY Rt. 172, Rt. 689, Rt. 3214, and Rt. 1092. George stated that any road that begins with US or KY Rt., such as US 23 or KY Rt. 40, fall under the jurisdiction of the state transportation department.

Scam artist “travelers” reported in flood ravaged areas
FRANKFORT – Attorney General Jack Conway continues to urge victims of the recent storms to be aware of potential con-artists who may attempt to prey on them in their time of need. Some concerns of “travelers” are being reported in the Johnson County area and consumers are encouraged to be wary of any door-to-door contractor offering services. Often these solicitors are fly-by-night contractors or other storm repair companies which may converge upon the area to take advantage of the storm victim’s situation.
“Unfortunately, it is often difficult to make informed decisions when disaster strikes and the time of need is immediate,” said Conway. “These situations create an environment for fraud and victims are especially vulnerable to storm chasers and travelers offering services to those whose homes have been damaged. Shoddy construction, price gouging, charity scams, impersonating officials, and taking money without performing the work are common scams which occur during natural disasters”. 

Third suicide reported in Conn case
By Sarah Hill
Staff Writer

The third suicide connected to the Eric C. Conn and Social Security Administration case happened this past weekend.
A Johnson County man, whose name has not yet been released, passed away by his own hand, and the widow of the deceased reported to Attorney Ned Pillersdorf that, “She blames the SSA letter and constant fear of losing benefits.”

Flaming gas canister to blame for Hager Hill accident
Charity Donnelly’s 1987 GMC Blazer struck a home along Delong Road in the Hager Hill community Saturday night after a gas canister she was transporting caught fire.

By Bridget Slone
Staff Writer

Charity Donnelly, 39, of Thealka, was transporting a canister full of gasoline when her vehicle crashed into a home in Hager Hill Saturday night.
According to Johnson County Sheriff’s Deputy Byron Fairchild, the gas canister was leaking fumes when a passenger in the vehicle lit a cigarette, causing it to catch on fire.

Generosity of time, funds, and spirit
Sundy Best headlined the Johnson County Flood Relief Benefit Concert and rocked out for a cheering crowd at JCHS on Wednesday evening to raise money for flood victims.

By Sarah Hill
Staff Writer

It has proven difficult to tally up the large amounts of time, money, supplies, and spirit of goodwill and comradery that has poured into Johnson Co. in the last two weeks.
It is even more difficult at this point in time to place a number on the losses that have occurred and the needs of those affect that must be met moving forward, as FEMA, the Johnson County Long-Term Recovery Committee, and other organizations are in the planning stages of dealing with the large amount of damage that occurred as a result of the flash flooding.

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